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Send post id through ajax and get the post content back

First of all i want to say that I am a WordPress beginner :). I am trying to get a post content in a modal by using ajax. So i send the id through ajax, but i cannot execute the php code anywhere on my theme because of a fatal error. jQuery code looks like […]

Get Image tag from content of post

I have create a custom sidebar, and want to show only posts images in that sidebar. I have add a post with some text and choose image from gallery in the content of that post. Now i want to get only image tag from post by loop. Any suggestions?

Blank page when saving edits on post

Whenever I try to edit a product or a post on WordPress I get a blank page and the edits are not saved. I have been checking Google alot, but there it all seemed to be caused by a plug-in. I only have Woocommerce and WordPress Importer enabled, and I did try to disable those, […]

Remove Custom Post Type Slug and add Custom Taxonomy to Permalink Structure?

The wordpress theme I’m using uses a custom post type called ‘coupon’ and a custom taxonomy called ‘store’. The default permalink structure for a coupon post is I would like to change the permalink structure to: I used a plugin called ‘Custom Post Type Permalinks’ to add the store taxonomy to the permalink […]

Automatically attach image to post if they have the same title

I have 200 images in my WP install. Currently, each image… has its own post (the post title is the same as the image title) is the featured image of that post is inserted into the post However, the images are not attached to the post. By going to Media > Library > Unattached, all […]

get post content of particular post by url

I want to get the post content of particular post using Curl or any other methods from third party website is it possible? As the structure remains the same <entry-content> i guess there should be some way to fetch the data. Any plugins-suggestion are also welcomed.

get query() without post content?

Is there a way to get query with post information (thumbnails, id, etc.) but without the_content()? I already have plugin to show recent posts in sidebars at homepage and when it is for example 20 posts and content of every has 1MB it loads 20 MBs of content at home page which at the end […]

How to change the color theme per post?

A client of mine wants to be able to choose between a dark and a light theme each time he publishes a post. What’s the best way to change the color of a theme per post? I thought in creating a taxonomy called “template” and within that two options: “dark” and “light”. However, I dont […]

Getting value from get_post_custom

I have added a custom meta box to a category that shows up fine. The only purpose of this metabox is to supply a link to the post. I can see that the box works because my test link is saved in the box. Now I am trying to get the value on the front […]

WordPress Local And Live Site

I have a local WordPress install that I am using to test a new theme out. When I initial set up the local site I was able to import my database and media content. However that was a few months ago. Since then my live site has new content that I need to have in […]