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How to add category post count in main navigation menu

Can you guys can help me on how to add/show the post count for category in main menu. eg: Web Design (10) | Typography (12) | Inspiration (10) | Business (19) I’m using Hueman & Hueman child theme. Can you guide me which file and code I should change. This image shows what I have […]

Which PHP files should I edit for changing POSTS list and view pages?

Iam totally new to WP but now I got a situation to integrate blog in my magento store for that Iam using WP-Blog now I need to edit blogs posts List page and posts view page I want o do this by editing .php files but I cannot understand WP structure and cannot find the […]

Counter is skipping post when I still want it visible

I am showing the 5 latest posts on my homepage. I am using a count so that on the 3rd post it shows a div which will be completely seperate to the blog posts. However rather than the 3rd post continuing on after this div has been added, it skips it and goes onto the […]

add div after image in post

I want to give my photos a special style such as this link “CSS3 Hover Effects” For this, I must add a div after any image link in any post What should i do For this style ? I am using Hueman Theme And local host . Thanks

Multiple comment forms on a single page

I have to load multiple posts on a single page. The situation is different. The client ask to reorder the posts, that the current post of the category becomes first and all the rest are next. Then on scroll I load the next posts (infinite scroll effect). So what I do is, I query the […]

Parsing Menu Items and Blog Posts

Question 1 I’d like to be able to show or hide certain pages in the main navigation menu based on whether or not they have certain prefixes in their title. This is mostly for the purpose of language translation. Example: If /url?ln=spanish then I want the navigation bar to only show pages that were prefixed […]

How do you change the comment count in the back end posts list, to reflect unapproved comments, rather than all comments?

By default, the comment column shows the number of approved comments. I would like to either: Change this to the number of comments pending approval, OR; Create a new column with the number of comments pending approval Can this be achieved?

Update Post Meta is adding a value to my serialize array

I have the following select values: <select name=”vibe_quiz_tags[]” id=”vibe_quiz_tags” multiple=”” class=”chzn-select chosen select2-hidden-accessible” tabindex=”-1″ aria-hidden=”true”> <option value=””>Select Taxonomy</option> <option value=”4″>Test1</option> <option value=”5″>Test2</option> </select> I post these variables and serialize them with the following code: $categories = serialize($_POST[“vibe_quiz_tags”]); echo $categories; I then get the following code when it is output: a:2:{i:0;s:1:”4″;i:1;s:1:”5″;} I update the post meta […]

Developing a secure front end posting form

I want to add a front end posting functionality to one of my WordPress sites. For more control and for more understanding of how this works (I am not a professional programmer) I choosed to use as a base for future development a solution from the site (see the bellow code). This solution works, […]

Is it possible to filter the main loop to exclude posts from a specific category?

The question is the same as the title. I’m talking about the default loop on the blog page / home page. I am using a network blog and must apply it to all blogs.