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Managing users, blogging, chat

will WordPress let me create users that I can manage so they can blog? Is there a limit on the number of users you can have? Is it easy to link it to an existing GoDaddy .COM domain? One last question, does WordPress support chat?

How to keep cache files after plugin update?

I’ve got a premium plugin and setting up a custom solution to serve updates. However I’ve got a question regarding how contents are managed. WordPress just remove old plugin folder and install the new one. But what about cached files? Assuming plugin has got two folders full of files and I must keep them: how […]

WP Plugin with Upgrade option

I’m working on a WordPress Plugin and I’m looking for a way to include a free version and a premium version in one plugin. I do not want to check “if(isPremium){} else{}” every view lines of codes, instead I’d like to download some additional files and replace one or two old once as soon as […]

Will anyone buy a premium plugin that's available at GitHub?

I’m developing a WordPress plugin. I’d like to charge somewhat for it, because I’d like to be developing related things, for a living. I also want to make it easy for people to e.g. contribute patches and bug fixes. So I’m thinking about hosting the source code at GitHub. Does anyone host the source code […]

Problem About GPL Licence And WordPress Products

I copied following answer from this question. Since WordPress is GPL code, all code publicly distributed must also be licensed either as GPL, or GPL compatible. The GPL states you cannot charge for code, but you can charge for distribution. So when you buy gravity forms, you’re not paying for the plugin, you’re playing for […]

How to create a Full RSS feed (secret URL) for certain users, short for the rest

I’m running a Patreon campaign for my blog and one of the rewards will be a full RSS available for users that contribute to that campaign, with the rest having only a short RSS Feed. I’m experimenting with the SB RSS Feed Plus plugin, but I’ve just installed it and I’m not sure it will […]

Is there a premium plugin for appointment reservation?

This question will probably be closed. In the off chance that it isn’t…. I am looking for a premium plug in that will allow the user to book appointments by reserving a block of time. There will be a public calendar that shows time already reserved. There will be no financial transaction, which has caused […]

Depending on third party plugins for theme functionality

I am building my own theme (first premium theme) and I admit there is lots and lots of decision making involved. One such decision where I am currently stuck is about using open source plugins for achieving certain functionality in my theme. Most of the times the functionality we need to provide to our customers […]

WordPress Premium Plugin (3rd Party Github User)

I just started to setup my WordPress worklow with Composer. After hours of research I found a Github User, that is hosting “some” Premium Plugins on his Account. My Question’s are: It is allowed? Can I use this Repos for my Composer Setup? Should I use this? Why nobody notice that?

What will happen if i deactivate my visual composer plug in?

I have visual composer that is integrated in the River theme installed on my wordpress, the problem is, it is not working anymore, i want to update the theme but fear that the guy before me might have done some customization directly. what do i do?