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WordPress version 3.8 – Preview button not working for editor

After finishing developing my site, I updated WordPress to version 3.8. Everything works, but for some reason, an editor cannot click on the Preview button in the back end. Visiting the link manually works though! I don’t know if this is really a version 3.8 problem, as I did not test this before.

How to show updated edit on preview URL without clicking preview button

http://localhost/demosite/?page_id=19&preview=true ^ This is the preview URL for a page with id 19, now whenever I made some changes to it’s page content and refresh above URL it don’t show the latest changes I made unless I click preview button, I think preview button trigger some kind of function which save page and then above […]

Show only preview of posts on the homepage?

Is it possible to only have a couple lines shown per post (or even 0 lines) on the homepage? Instead of dumping the whole article on the page?

I can't preview post's change once they are published

The preview function works fine when posts are just draft. The url looks like this : Then when I pubish my posts, let’s say I want to change something and preview it, the url looks like this : The problem is it does reflect any changes … I use WordPress 3.9.2 running Twenty […]

Preview Button Custom

Ive created a simple plugin which changes the preview link to the correct location as its a custom WordPress install into an existing site framework. Using ‘preview_post_link’ filter I can change the link successfully to say: This works perfectly upon hovering over and inspecting the a tag: <a class=”preview button” href=”;preview=true” target=”wp-preview” id=”post-preview”>Preview</a> Right […]

How can I make the “Preview Post” button save and preview in the same window?

When you choose “Preview”, which is actually a link, <a class=”preview button” href=”?p=52&amp;preview=true” id=”post-preview” tabindex=”4″>Preview</a> the post is saved and the preview opens in a new window. I’m sure there is a javascript event attached to this button, I’d like to override it so that it saves and then preview link opens in the same […]

How to preview your website without the top WordPress admin bar, but remain signed in?

Is there a way to preview your website without the top WordPress admin bar, but remain signed in? Basically, want to continue making changes in the panel and review the site, but without the top admin bar…but don’t want to sign in every time. I don’t want to remove the top bar…just don’t want it […]

How to make scheduled post preview visible to anyone?

When I write a post and schedule it for later publishing, WordPress will allow me to preview the post as if it was already published but I need to be logged in as administrator (or anyone who is authorized to preview the post). Is there a way, possibly a query string parameter, to make the […]

Page with page template not using template in Preview

I am using a page template created by myself, which is showing and working correctly in page backend. It also works on the front end. The problem: Preview shows the normal “page.php” instead of using the template page. Any idea why this happens? I have never had this problem before. The template is called “page_temp_news.php” […]

View category in the preview of Theme Customizer

I am building a theme which Theme customizer changes colors, sizes, etc. and has also the option to choose a category and style that category specifically. How can I display that category in the preview (only when the user is changing the corresponding options) instead of the default home/front page displayed by default? EDIT I […]