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No option “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” in Privacy Settings

I am running WordPress 3.3.2 self-hosted. I used to see the option “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” under Privacy Settings but I no longer see this option. Instead, now I only see the options to make the blog visible or not visible to search engines, but […]

YouTube oEmbed and privacy-enhanced mode

When you´re embed a youtube video in an iframe, you can enable the privacy-enhanced mode, so YouTube doesn´t store information about your web page visitors until they play the video. I’ve tried to embed a video via oEmbed and the URL but it didn’t work. Is there a chance to implement a privacy-friendly solution […]

Noindex, nofollow stuck on homepage

Recently my hosting automatically upgraded our WordPress version. Due to custom plugin conflicts, we requested them to restore it to the previous version. Our homepage now contains the code “meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex,nofollow’ /” (< removed). From Googling, it appears that this code should be added when I visit the Privacy section of WordPress and select […]

Can WordPress store comment cookies on two different computers?

It’s usual that WordPress stores comment author name and email in the user’s browser cookies, so next time the visitor has to comment, they have their name and email already filled in automatically. My question is: Is it possible for WordPress to store a visitor’s comment cookies on two computers at different locations, but probably […]

Will WordPress username displayed somewhere in the site?

I am considering enforcing all my users to use email as their login name. But I am afraid that the username is being used somewhere that is publicly accessible, e.g. author pages, such as that it will lead to the problem of privacy or SPAM. Is my worry valid? It is a good practice to […]

No option to allow search engines to index my site in WP 4.3

I have launched a new company website, when I was setting up the wordpress install locally I believe I clicked ‘do not allow search engines to index this site’ despite only developing offline. Now I have taken it all online, and updated to 4.3 there is not option to allow indexing, anywhere in the settings […]

Is there a way to set a user profile to Draft?

Is there a way to hide user profiles in the front end, while still allowing their information to be accessible in the backend? Something similar to setting posts or pages to “draft” but for users would function perfectly. Is there a way to do this?

Which of my blog and personal data is being transfered when WordPress automatically checks for updates?

I’m generally concerned about privacy and I’ve heard that with each contact to the WordPress API for update checks and similar a lot of my blogs data is being transfered. To get a better impression, I’d like to more specifically know which data is being transfered and when. What’s done with the information and who […]

WordPress MultiSite Active Directory integration and site privacy

Here’s the overview of the setup: I have a multisite installation of WordPress 3.4.2. I’ve installed the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin to allow users to use their AD credentials. This also allows assigning AD groups to each site, so that the site admins do not manually have to assign permissions. I have installed the […]

Does WordPress send data about your blog to or Automattic?

I’ve recently heard someone say WordPress does send data about your blog to back home. Is that true? and if so what data is that or where in the code can I see what’s exchanged?