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How do i make my wordpress website private?

Ive seen other similar posts on here asking the same question but cannot seem to find an answer for my situation which is a bit more unique. I’m building a support website for a product we have and we have taken time to gather this information so we would only like to limit the information […]

Can we have private drafts?

As per the documentation, Draft and Private are two mutually exclusive post statuses. Therefore, when you mark a draft post as Private, it is no longer a draft. We are a big team making extensive use of private posts. Therefore, we would like to mark a draft as private (an unfinished post that will be […]

How to set privilege to wordpress subscriber for private page

I am having private page.I want to show this page only when “subscriber” logged in.”Editor” should not access this page.How can i set the privilege.

How to create a plugin that notifies for updates?

At this point when I activate a plugin and an update is available it updates the plugin. I like to create a plugin myself that I want to use private, I have several WordPress blogs and if I made an update to the plugin I like those several WordPress blogs to state that there is […]

Show a special message for private page?

If I set a page to private, can I have it show a message instead of a 404 page for public users?

Hide a template part when page is password protected?

I’d like to hide the sidebar of my page when the page is password protected and the password has not yet been entered. I’ve searched for a while and haven’t found any condition I could use. Maybe get_post_status could help, but still, I wouldn’t know when the user has entered the password and can see […]

How to keep track of user logins?

I have a client with a private WordPress blog – that is to say, you need to log in to read it. We are using Counterize to keep track of visits to the site and to find the most popular pages. But now he wants to know which users are logging in, and perhaps how […]

How do I require authorization / login to view a specific set of posts / pages?

I am working on a wordpress site for a client who wants an internal ‘intranet’ for his employees. The basic needs are: Communicate things in-house House important company documents Provide quick access to resources to employees. This info is sensitive and for employees only. They would like each employee to have a user name / […]

Planned private posts get published immediately

Somehow, it doesn’t seem to be possible to plan post for my subscibers (visibility private) as they get published private automatically as soon as I save them. Is there any way I can keep wordpress from doing so?

Restrict WordPress to Private

I want to set up a private WordPress site, with only 2 users, all I need is a simple private site functionality, with visitors unable to see anything when trying to login, only being redirected to the login page. RSS should also be blocked. I have found one plugin which does this, but it doesn’t […]