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How Do I Allow Comment Moderation for Other User's Posts?

I want to setup a user account that only has access to moderate comments – for all posts – but doesn’t have access to edit any posts. When I give the user the moderate comments privilege (using an old role manager plugin), it doesn’t let them moderate comments on other articles. Is there a plugin […]

Excluding private/protected posts via IP

I essentially want password protected/private pages/posts in WP to work as they currently do, but completely disregard the functionality for certain IP addresses. I’ve looked into filters/actions and don’t see anything that seems promising, again I would prefer to do this without creating a specific category or anything outside of the current functionality of this […]

How to make the Newsletter plugin visible to users with author privileges?

I’m using the Newsletter plugin and would like to make it accessible to author users. Is it possible to do so? If there’s no solution for this I’ll edit the editor role to make it a new author role.

One time username change from frontend?

I’m using facebook connect plugin. Usernames generated by that plugin look like firstname_lastname. I mean it looks ugly. I would like to give the privilege to my users to change the username BUT ONCE. I hope its like changing the password. Here is my change password function. Can anyone help me to modify it? Thanks

Why are authors allowed to approve comments on their posts? How to revoke privilege?

I was under the impression that only admins/editor roles can approve comments however our authors are able to do so as well on their own posts. I want to disable the ability for an author to approve comments on their posts. Under dashboard settings > discussions > Before a comment appears– Selected: Comment must be […]

Can user #1 (the initial user) be deleted without ill effect?

When you create a new WordPress site, the first user created is user #1 and given the Administrator role. Is there anything special about user #1 that would make it unwise to delete it? (Assuming that there were other users with Administrator role.)

How to set privilege to wordpress subscriber for private page

I am having private page.I want to show this page only when “subscriber” logged in.”Editor” should not access this page.How can i set the privilege.

grant a privilege for roles (for example editors) and higher

My wordpress theme has a custom post-type. Only editors (and higher) should be allowed to use this post type. I did this with: function add_capability($role,$cap) { $role_obj = get_role($role); // get the the role object $role_obj -> add_cap($cap); // add $cap capability to this role object } function set_cpt() { add_capability(‘editor’, ‘edit_cpt’); add_capability(‘editor’, ‘read_cpt’); add_capability(‘editor’, […]

Can I stop authors from changing the font in their post?

I want the site to have a consistent look and feel so want to prevent authors from changing font, font color or font size. Is there a way to either override their choices, or remove the option? Cheers

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” upon accessing my newly created plugin page

I am following “Write your own plugin tutorial” and I made it, activated it, added it to settings to have it’s own plugin page but upon trying to access that plugin page I get above message saying that “I do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” even though I am logged in as […]