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Why are authors allowed to approve comments on their posts? How to revoke privilege?

I was under the impression that only admins/editor roles can approve comments however our authors are able to do so as well on their own posts. I want to disable the ability for an author to approve comments on their posts. Under dashboard settings > discussions > Before a comment appears– Selected: Comment must be […]

Can user #1 (the initial user) be deleted without ill effect?

When you create a new WordPress site, the first user created is user #1 and given the Administrator role. Is there anything special about user #1 that would make it unwise to delete it? (Assuming that there were other users with Administrator role.)

How to set privilege to wordpress subscriber for private page

I am having private page.I want to show this page only when “subscriber” logged in.”Editor” should not access this page.How can i set the privilege.

grant a privilege for roles (for example editors) and higher

My wordpress theme has a custom post-type. Only editors (and higher) should be allowed to use this post type. I did this with: function add_capability($role,$cap) { $role_obj = get_role($role); // get the the role object $role_obj -> add_cap($cap); // add $cap capability to this role object } function set_cpt() { add_capability(‘editor’, ‘edit_cpt’); add_capability(‘editor’, ‘read_cpt’); add_capability(‘editor’, […]

Can I stop authors from changing the font in their post?

I want the site to have a consistent look and feel so want to prevent authors from changing font, font color or font size. Is there a way to either override their choices, or remove the option? Cheers

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” upon accessing my newly created plugin page

I am following “Write your own plugin tutorial” and I made it, activated it, added it to settings to have it’s own plugin page but upon trying to access that plugin page I get above message saying that “I do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” even though I am logged in as […]

How to handle admin and passwords requests from plugins developers?

I have purchased few plugins and they work fine, but one existing plugin doesn’t work. The plugin developer telling: refund or provide admin access. How to handle such requests? Create a special user with some admin rights just be able to work on plugin directory?

Best way to have an per-user customized private section

A common requirement for business sites is to have a client login which allow visitors to access private content for them (ie: downloads, screenshots, documents). I did it in the past and although it worked, I think is a bit messy. Now I need the same functionality in a new site, and want to know […]

Restricting access to files within a specific folder

Possible Duplicate: How to Protect Uploads, if User is not Logged In? Is there any way at all to restrict direct access to files within a specific folder to only specific wordpress users that have that specific capability set?

How to enable a site administrator to edit users in a WordPress network/ multisite setup?

I have a few sites in a network. I don’t want the site administrators to manage things like network plugins, but I would like them to be able to edit profiles of all network users, not use those on their site. At the top of the /wp-admin/network/users.php file is this: if ( ! current_user_can( ‘manage_network_users’ […]