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Publishing WordPress from stage to production server

I’m having trouble configuring wp-config.php correctly in a staged server environment. I’m being told that I should be working in my stage environment for WordPress with an example address of It will then mirror to the production server at as they use the same database. Any uploads, plugins and themes should also be […]

How do you keep your live and and testing server?

I have a live site and a testing server (XAMPP) that I built the site on originally before publishing it. Obviously, there are a number of things you need to do to migrate a site from one place to another. I was hoping to tap into collective experience to find out the best way of […]

Changing between Local Host DB to Production DB and in reverse

How can I manage that when I switching from Production to Local Host and in reverse all the changes will apply? How do I import changes from, when the site was live to when I switch it to the localhost. Is there a simple way to do so, without downloading databases and switching them?

Setting up a local copy from a production site

I’m having an issue with a local copy of a live WordPress site. The local site itself http://localhost/mywordpress/ works as I did the following: copy the production WP folder; import the MySQL database to the local db with the same credentials as production (I’ve already created the local db and username same as production); update […]

Recommended method for updating/adding menus when adding new theme

I’m working locally on a completely new theme. Once I’m done I’m going to use the “test drive” plugin to allow admins to test the theme before switching over to it. The problem is that with the new theme there are more menus & updates to the existing ones. How do I manage adding/updating the […]

synchronize localy hosted wordpress with online one

Here is some discussion but my question is bit different. Is there any way to synchronize all data (including themes, plugins & media) of locally hosted (on xampp) wordpress with online version?

Published site reverts without changes to theme

I recently added a search bar to our website by adding a plugin and adding that plugin into the appropriate place in our theme. I also added an event listener as an attribute on an element in another file. Seemingly randomly,the site will revert itself on the front-end to an older version of the theme […]

Woocommerce – remove product from category

I’m trying to do the following, but I’m stuck with coding. Hope someone can help me out here. In Woocommerce (on the product-edit page) I can choose in which category the product will be. I made a code where the product will be put in an extra category ‘Aanbiedingen’ (id=87) upon save, when there are […]

How to Work Seamlessly Between Development, Staging, and Production Sites in wordpress

am looking for a solution to stop coding like a cow boy on WordPress I want to put a versioning system (git or bitbucket) With a Development, Staging, and Production site. Something like this or If possible is there a plugin or system to push from one version to […]

Merging WordPress posts from different databases

I have development and production versions of my website (on the same hosting). I want to easily synchronize the content between these versions. On the production website, content is updated daily. I cannot use the XML export function because duplicate posts would be created on the development website. Currently both websites uses different databases, but […]