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Merging WordPress posts from different databases

I have development and production versions of my website (on the same hosting). I want to easily synchronize the content between these versions. On the production website, content is updated daily. I cannot use the XML export function because duplicate posts would be created on the development website. Currently both websites uses different databases, but […]

What actions affect files, DB, or both?

I’m looking into setting up a development -> staging -> production workflow, and the biggest issue so far is figuring out how to sync the databases. To this end, I’m trying to figure out exactly which actions will affect the filesystem, the database, or both. Here’s how I think it works. Please correct me where […]

Ways of managing staging and production wordpress sites?

Ok, I’ve seen a lot of similar questions.. but they all either outdated or do not fall in in my problem. So the problem is: We have a website and its clone stage website. On that website, apart from me also works Content Manager. She manages content(banners, text, gallery and so on) When we need […]

How do you add pages on a staging server, and then move them over to production

Here is just one of a couple of scenarios where this could come up. Let’s say you add a plugin on your development server, which requires a wordpress page to do its magic. There are a couple of problems. There is no easy way to move the page over to production. The pages and posts […]

Maintaining synced staging/production WP sites

This is a more general question about WP website best practices. An issue I encounter with many of my clients is maintaining two identical WP installs (staging and production). They insist on seeing changes before they go live. However, with WP’s structure, that would involve constantly clearing and re-importing databases in addition to updating theme […]

Most Flawless Way To Transfer from Dev to Prod

Possible Duplicate: Easily Move a WordPress Install from Development to Production? So I’ve been working with WordPress for a while now and I usually develop locally and then upload everything to my Prod server… however, I’ve experienced a lot of differing results, especially when using plugins. I usually export the database, but things like the […]

WordPress PHP error handling and reporting in production environment

I’m trying to find a solution on how to handle the displaying and logging of errors in a PHP (WordPress) production environment. Is it possible to do the following (alternative suggestions welcome): Capture critical errors and send immediate email notification (this looks like a promising solution, but haven’t tested in my production env yet). Don’t […]

WordPress database synch between dev and prod

Question has been asked before about how to synchronize files as well as the database between two WordPress installations. For the database level, the answer is usually to basically dump one database and insert it onto another server. The problem with this is that you end up losing any changes that have potentially been made […]

How to: Easily Move a WordPress Install from Development to Production?

I do development on one box and use a second for production. Right now I just dump the database and then do a find a replace for the URL changes; then copy over the files and import the new SQL. Are there better ways of doing this?

Database synchronization between dev/staging and production

I have a problem with WordPress database synchronization between development and production and I am wondering how other people solving it. I am aware about this question but it doesn’t really cover the nastier and more realistic use case. Say I have a live WordPress website. I took a dump of everything, replicating it on […]