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Showing user profile data on front-end

I’m making a profile-page so my members can update they’re details trough the front-end. The problem is that the select-box named “Province” won’t show the correct data when the page loads. How can i make the select-box load the correct data when the user enters the page? Here is the code i have in functions.php […]

redirect user to their profile after log in

I would like to know How can i redirect users to their profile after they log in to my website. Right now, when users log in, they get riderected to the home page but i would like for them to get redirected to their respective profile. thanks in advance

php return username of currently viewed author profile

I’m at a loss. I have profiles developed for my wordpress website, and I want to display content on my page-profile.php that is specific per user profile. I’ve looked all around the codex and only found stuff like this: that only gets the current logged in user and this: that gets the current post […]

how to add wp-user fields to front-end form

I’ve found all kinds of information on how to add user-meta fields to a front-end form. However, I can’t find how to add email and the change password. I found the form fields in user-edit.php, but what to use in place of update_user_meta()?

User can manage one page accessible by everyone?

I’m creating a local site for my community. On this site we feature tutors in the area for hire. I’d like to have a section of the site where anyone can go and click on and see a list of tutors based on different criteria, like area or age group they teach. I’d like for […]

Give users alternative/second avatar that is rectangle sized

I am searching on and off for years. There are solutions so “crop” the avatar to rectangle. I want to have a second (alternative) avatar for my users to show on particular places on the site where the square avatar won’t fit; Let’s say in a message from user XYZ, his avatar is square (or […]

Create a “user log”

I have created a role where a person can make changes to a users profile. I’m afraid that, at one point in time, there will be a discussion between a moderator and a user about the changes of a profile. If the user doesn’t agree with the changes and asks the moderator why he did […]

How can I create a profile field group that the user can't see?

Profile field groups allow you to create distinct collections of profile fields. Is there a way to set permissions on one of those field groups so that even the user requires a certain level of access to view or modify their own? Perhaps there’s something set up for metadata? I run an online tutoring service […]

Show global Message in User Profiles with admin only Input field in WordPress Backend

I try to display a piece of text (without plugin) for example “Quote of the day: Some text” on all user profile pages (…/wp-admin/profile.php). This Text should managable/editable from the Profile of the ADMIN. In the Admins Profile Page should be a Text Input field where i can change the Text and save. Since yesterday […]

How to make current user's avatar + display name link to their profile?

I have searched and searched, but not finding a solution to my situation. I have a certain page where the user’s avatar and display name are displayed. Currently these items are not clickable and do not link to anything, however I need them to link to the user’s member profile when clicked. Here is the […]