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Readonly input text appears unlocked while the page is loading

I need help with a code for locking editing an input of type text in the profile page of WordPress. I added the following code: (function(){ $(“#email”).attr(“readonly”,”readonly”); }); But while the page is loading, the field appears unlocked, and if the user press ‘Esc’, the page loading is stopped and he can edit the field. […]

P3 Profiler and Yoast SEO plugin

I have profiled my blog with the P3 Plugin and it pointed out that Yoast SEO slows down the site a bit. I then found out that the biggest performance penalty is paid when you “force rewrite” the titles[1], which I am doing. Now I do have quite an aggressive caching turned on with WP […]

Using Multiple Queries of “home_url” vs. Calling a Variable Multiple Times

Question Since I am using multiple instances of home_url() in one page template, I was curious if the following method would speed up my page load time. My method is to store the output of home_url() within a variable and then call that variable each time, rather than using home_url() each time. Motivation The reason […]

How-to leverage WordPress for creating Extended Social Profiles

My question is actually quite simple, but I think there are a number of answers to choose from: If one were to use WordPress, what would be the most elegant way of creating a part of the website that has “People Profiles”, whereby; they can update their own mini-blog, add images, assign them a multitude […]

Send email to Admin when user/member updates specific user/member data

I have previously asked about How to automatically send email to Admin when a user/member changes his/hers profile data. And got some very good answers. Send automatic mail to Admin when user/member changes/adds profile Now a follow up: I only want to send/email the data (profiledata) that was updated/added.

Send automatic mail to Admin when user/member changes/adds profile

Is there a way to send the updated/added values from profile, when a member/user updates his/hers data, to the admin of the site or another emailadress? Can this be the first step? /* do something when user edits profile */ add_action(‘personal_options_update’, ‘notify_admin_on_update’); function notify_admin_on_update(){ // send a mail with the updated values to exit; […]

WordPress usermeta scaling for thousands of users

I have developed a CRM plugin for a client integrated with WordPress user management and I stored additional information for each user under the wp_usermeta table. However, the client’s customer database is growing exponentially, and we are now in the thousands, which gives us several tens of thousands rows in wp_usermeta: at this point I […]

Profiling a WordPress Website for Deployment on Shared Hosting?

I am having a problem with CPU usage on my website, and am looking for a way to detect (and fix) what is causing it. A topic not covered in this question. Following on Hakre answer here, I now realize that what I need to do is profile my PHP calling. Is it reasonable to […]