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Mixed Content with SSL, wordpress behind a reverse proxy

I ran into mixed content with SSL issues. I’ve applied for Let’s encrypt SSL certificate for my test wordpress site behind a reverse proxy(articaproxy). The same SSL certificate has been deployed in reverse proxy server and wordpress virtual host. The reverse proxy http/https redirect works fine. I forced the siteurl and home url to https […]

WordPress behind Proxy – Mixed Content

My Server Env for a wordpress site is as follows: ———- ——— ————- | Client | <– HTTPS –> | Proxy | <– HTTP –> | WordPress | ———- ——— ————- The Problem is that the WordPress Site itself is served internally over HTTP but the Client communicates over HTTPS with the Proxy. Since WordPress […]

302 redirect to signup with nginx reverse proxy

I have a working multisite install configured in Apache. The server is a Debian GNU/Linux 8 amd64 and WordPress is version 4.6.1. Apache is version 2.4.23 as available in the Debian repos. It’s a live site and with Apache only everything is ok. I’m trying to configure it so that it works with NGINX as […]

WP-CLI alias: connect with ssh proxy

I have a wp-cli.yml file that defines an alias for a remote host: @origin: ssh: path: /path/to/htdocs This would normally allow me to use wp @origin command to run remote commands on the other host. In one case, however, the remote host is only visible through an SSH proxy, so my system has an […]

How to use the HTTP API with a Proxy?

If I want to route a HTTP request through a local (alias: on the current server) Proxy, how would I go around this? The allowed Proxy settings for the wp-config.php are the following: # HTTP Proxies # Used for e.g. in Intranets # Fixes Feeds as well # Defines the proxy adresse. define( ‘WP_PROXY_HOST’, ‘’ […]

Possible to fix admin URL behind proxy issue without hacking core?

In a previous question I was trying to solve an issue where WordPress was using the wrong url in sortable column headers & pagination in the admin when behind a proxy, the only solution that worked involved modifying core files, specifically On lines 491 and 658 in wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php, replace this line $current_url = ( is_ssl() […]

How can I speed up my WP admin section?

We have many WP sites with a proxy in between the servers that they sit on and the internet. Some things in WP simply don’t work: RSS feeds on dashboard looking up themes looking up plugins core updates We do everything manually and there are really no issues except for SLOWNESS on page loads. It […]