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Hiding by default specific post status on backend list?

I created various custom post status options (like default ones: “published”, “draft” and so on) and one of them is “project closed”. I need to hide/exclude by default from post list in the backend the posts set under “project closed” post status. is there a way to this? thank you so much!

Authors should not publish

In my Blog should Authors be not allowed to publish posts but to CREATE posts for revision! Admins should later verify and publish them. How can i do it? Thanks for help!

Add delay to publish post

I am running multiple servers and have an issue when people Publish a post immediately after uploading a Featured image, the image is is not available on all server immediately. I know that I can have everyone schedule posts BUT I would ideally like to simply insert a delay when the click on Publish of […]

I am getting “0” in the starting of my post description at home page

See here at home page with all posts I am getting “0” in starting.

Returning ACF custom field from publish_post

I’m trying to return a custom field as soon as a post gets published. I’m using the publish_post (or {status}_{post_type}) action, but it looks like the custom fields are created after the hook. My code in functions.php: function create_recurring_posts( $ID, $post ) { logMe(print_r(get_post_custom($ID), true)); } add_action( ‘publish_profile’, ‘create_recurring_posts’, 10, 2 ); The logMe() function […]

trigger email when post is published by someone a user follows

I’m trying to send an email to all users who are following a certain post author when they publish a post. I have this function below, but does not seem to work. a few notes the meta value = ‘following’ is an array that contains the authors user follows. function followerPost_notification($post_id) { $post = get_post($post_id); […]

How can I tell if a post has been published at least once?

I am working on a plugin that has a piece of meta data attached to each post. The fields are editable in a meta box on the post. This is all working fine. I would like to prevent anyone from modifying the settings in meta box once the post has been published. By virtue of […]

Post: how to set created date after post has been published

For example: i click create post at Friday i edit post data i left this post opened and not published till Monday i publish this post at Monday as published date i see Friday. But why? I want to see as published date Monday, not Friday. What and where should i change? I’m using WordPress […]

Should you manually ping new WordPress posts?

From what I understand, WordPress will automatically ping new post so they are indexed by search engines. However, I still see bloggers putting out posts about how you should use all of these external pinging sites to get your posts indexed faster. Are those sites necessary? What is wrong with the way WordPress pings a […]

Sort / display recent posts by publish date

I recently renovated some sites and made many small (usually typos) corrections to several posts. That of course changed the last update date, so that now, if I display recent posts in a widget, they are sorted in a totally useless way. The best sort order would be by publish date, but I don’t see […]