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How to get and edit custom fields if in Quick Edit

I’ve got some custom fields that I would like a user to be able to edit in Quick Edit, I can manage the columns but I’m unable to edit them if Quick Edit is clicked current code with custom fields I’d like to be able to edit: /* custom columns */ add_filter(“manage_edit-programmes_columns”, “edit_columns” ); add_action(“manage_posts_custom_column”, […]

post_row_actions filter is not working while update post using quick edit

I have created two links using post_row_actions, it was displaying fine when page loads. But the links will get disappear after update post using quick-edit. Is it a bug from WordPress or did I miss something. My code will look like given below. add_filter(‘post_row_actions’, ‘add_new_link’, 10, 2); public function add_new_link($actions, $page_object) { $actions[‘new_action’] = ‘<a […]

Retrieving values of custom fields in Quick Edit mode

I’ve been trying to add a field to Quick Edit. Somehow it works: it is displayed and if you enter a value in the input field, the value is saved into a custom field. However, can’t seem to find a way to retrieve the value of the custom field. Here’s what I got so far: […]

How do I limit the status options for bulk/quick edit to only Published and Draft?

For my custom post type, I only want to have “Published” and “Draft” as the available options in the bulk edit and quick edit screens, i.e. I tried hooking on to the filter quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args but it doesn’t seem to get fired. I inserted a wp_die() in my callback but the admin screen lists all posts […]

Is there a way to prevent author change when editor/administrator edits a post?

As an administrator when I change or edit a post of an author (for example add a category through quick edit) the author of the post changes. We do not want this to happen. Is there a way to prevent this?

Let user edit his own comment

can I allow user to edit his own comment (without, username, url, or mail) on front-end. For example simple form on custom worpdress page with his comment and submit button. Thank you all in advance!

Remove quick edit for custom post type

Is it possible to remove the quick edit function for a custom post type? I have 14 custom taxonomy with hundreds of terms in each and it takes too much time and resource to load all of them into the source-code of the page. I tried to find a solution using google but most of […]

How to verify nonce from Bulk/Quick Edit in save_post?

I need to do something specific in my save_post callback for bulk and/or quick edits, so how do I check the nonce for that? I can only find _wpnonce in the edit.php html source, but can’t find an action to match it with. I also tried check_admin_referrer() (no arguments) but it fails. What nonce whould […]

How to add a “publish” link to the quick actions

I’m trying to add a “Publish” link by the quick actions: but I’m not exactly sure of how implement it. Here’s what I’ve got so far: add_filter(‘post_row_actions’, function ( $actions ) { global $post; // If the post hasn’t been published yet if ( get_post_status($post) != ‘publish’ ) { $nonce = wp_create_nonce(‘quick-publish-action’); $link = get_admin_url(‘path […]

Why isn't my code to save custom fields in quick edit working?

I have some code that allows me to add custom fields to the quick edit and bulk edit sections of a custom post type. Here’s what I’m using: Everything is working great except I can’t get it to save from Quick Edit. Bulk Edit works and saves just fine, it’s just Quick Edit that […]