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Edit custom fields in posts list

Is it possible to edit (or add) custom fields directly in posts list (/wp-admin/edit.php)? I need to do it quickly for many posts (1000s) so editing every and each of them would take ages to accomplish.

disable quickedit for specific custom post type user role

I seem to be missing something fundamental somehow (‘ll try and keep it short but can provide more code if needs be of course ) I have registered a CPT with following arguments ‘capability_type’ => array(CPT_SLUG, CPT_SLUG.’s’), ‘map_meta_cap’ => true, ‘capabilities’ => array( ‘edit_post’ => ‘edit_’.CPT_SLUG.”, ‘edit_posts’ => ‘edit_’.CPT_SLUG.’s’, ‘edit_others_posts’ => ‘edit_others_’.CPT_SLUG.’s’, ‘publish_posts’ => ‘publish_’.CPT_SLUG.’s’, […]

How to Reload the Dashboard After Clicking Update in Quick-Edit?

How can I refresh the wp-admin/edit.php page after a user clicks Update in the Quick-edit form?

Comments screen in backend, how to disable Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | for non admins

I’m trying to adjust the comments screen for non admins to my project. Right now I’d like to disable Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam under any comment left for any post created by the user. Thanks!

where does this $post_id come from?

I was trying to figure out why save_post wasn’t being fired upon ‘Quick edit’, and found the solution here – apparently global $post is not available when updating a post in Quick edit mode. So – I got it working now – see working example below, but I don’t understand why it’s working. function mytestfunc($post_id) […]

How to hook into the quick edit action?

I found this solution to automatically assign parent terms when a child term is selected, which is working fine for the save_post hook: add_action(‘save_post’, ‘assign_parent_terms’); function assign_parent_terms($post_id){ global $post; if($post->post_type != ‘product’) return $post_id; // get all assigned terms $terms = wp_get_post_terms($post_id, ‘product_cat’ ); foreach($terms as $term){ while($term->parent != 0 && !has_term( $term->parent, ‘product_cat’, $post […]

How to add UI buttons in customizer like twentyseventeen

So its been days since i’ve been looking into this and still found zero clue as to how to do it in my own custom theme. I’ve also had a look at this, but nothing. I had a look at the customizer of twenty-seventeen and found that the code responsible was $wp_customize->selective_refresh->add_partial( ‘blogname’, array( ‘selector’ […]

How to manage saving custom field from Quick edit and Post Save using save_post action hook without colliding each other?

I’s following Rachel Carden’s tutorial on creating Quick Edit and Bulk Edit, and grabbed her full work from her github repo. I managed doing everything fine and I made a checkbox instead of radio buttons for one of my field called “Featured” (meta_key: pre_featured). I made some changes to the concept though? As I’s using […]

WP_Terms_List_Table Quick Edit not working

I have built a custom taxonomy for which I have built a custom page that lists the terms associated with it. Everything seems to be working fine so far except the Quick Edit, which simply does nothing… By looking at the code, it also seems like the inline-edit js are not included in the page. […]

Anchor removed from DIV after Quick Edit is used

We have a page we normally edit in basic edit mode. There are a group of DIVs with link tags on them. When a non-technical editor/staffer goes into quick-edit mode for that page, the links are removed from the DIV. Why? Is this normal WP behaviour? Example <a href=””><div><img src=”./image.png></div></a> After Quick Edit <div><img src=”./image.png”></div> […]