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Prepending character(s) to a custom <!–more–> tag title?

I’m hacking around with a blog using Cordobo Green Park and I’ve noticed when I specify a custom title, instead of it beginning with a » symbol (as it does for the standard “» Read more: [POSTTITLE]“) the custom message is simply shown without any prepended character. It’s a shame, because the » character would […]

Quicktags on all textarea.. Not working on plugin?

I want to put a couple of quicktags/buttons on a textarea which is outputted by a plugin called user submitted posts. I have given this textarea an unique id and read this on the Quicktags documentation: Run quicktags(settings) to initialize it, where settings is an object containing up to 3 properties: settings = { id […]

pop-up options for custom quicktags

I always use HTML editor when writing an entry in my wordpress blog, I’m not sure why I can’t bring myself to like the TinyMCE editor. After a while, I started to think about creating my own quicktags for HTML editor to make writing easier in the future. thanks to this article, I now (kinda) […]

quicktags “link” button doesn't work, but all other buttons do

I’ve added quicktags to a plain ol’ textarea field which sits inside a metabox on a custom post type page. I can see the link button on the toolbar, along with the rest of the buttons, but when clicked, the link button does nothing. Using WP 3.6. All the other buttons work except the link […]

functional quicktag

I want to add quicktags that do more than just add markup. For instance, I would like to add a quicktag to run a function do apply a js regex on the page content. How can I add a quicktag that executes a function? To give a specific example, I would like to add a […]

Remove quicktag buttons but not Visual / Text editor and tabs

I wish to remove the quick-tag buttons in the text (html) editor in TinyMCE but not the html editor itself nor the tabs for choosing between the editors. When I use $settings = array(‘quicktags’ => false); wp_editor($input, ‘editor_name’, $settings); WordPress removes the entire text editor and the Visual / Text tabs for choosing between the […]

Use quicktags toolbar on any textarea

reading the i see in the comments * Run quicktags(settings) to initialize it, where settings is an object containing up to 3 properties: * settings = { * id : ‘my_id’, the HTML ID of the textarea, required * buttons: ” Comma separated list of the names of the default buttons to show. Optional. […]

Automatically add <!–nextpage–> after X number of paragraphs

Is it possible to automatically add the <!–nextpage–> quicktag after X number of paragraphs? My client isn’t exactly tech savvy so I’m trying to find a way to help them break up their enormous pages without them having to come back to me time and time again asking how to do it.

Customizing HTML Editor Quicktags button to open a dialog for choosing insert options

I am looking for adding custom quicktag buttons, that would allow me to display a intermediary dialog before inserting the code. Situation Clicking a quicktag button opens a dialog or thickbox modal window. Opened dialog displays some options on the class, etc and an Insert button. Clicking “Insert” button inserts the code. Background To add […]

How to add “Insert/Edit link” button in custom popup tinymce window?

I need to insert some text in the body of the article, that turns into a “side-tag” by wrapping it inside some div tags with custom classes. I’ve created a custom button in tinymce that pops up a new window with a text field. You write the text and when you hit OK it adds […]