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How to rank custom post type from score points

I use a custom field with is casino_rank_scorewith stores a point rating for example 4.9 All casinos is stored on custom post type casinos. I need to figure out how to get a rank listing like RANKED #2 of 350 CASINOS from points. WordPress stores this data to wp_postmeta table. I can get all points […]

Is there a plugin for rating of multiple questions for wordpress?

I have developed a site in worpdress. I need to manage a different questions like “How would you rate our customer service”, “How satisfied were you with our service” and more questions and rate these questions and have view on the admin. I tried to find the plugin but could not find. Can anyone let […]

rating articles for internal purposes

We have started with a lot of users who writes articles for the site. We want now rate every article internally for haveing an overview of the users with the best articles. Does someone know a plugin to rate articles internally, so they will not show up on the site, only in the dashboard of […]

trying to do if post meta !=0

I’m trying to do a simple if function on my code but for some reason it just isn’t working correctly. I’ve gone over it several times to see if there is anything I’m missing, but no luck. I’m trying to say my value is 0 then echo nothing if not else the_ratings. Very simple… <?php […]

I need to have two 1-5 star rating fields, only editable by admins. Which plugin should I use?

I need the following: two different 1-5 star rating fields, for one of my custom content types. The ratigs will be stablished by the admin, so I dont need a real voting system. The fields are more like indicators than polls. I tried gd-star ratings but its aimed at community voting and rating systems which […]

Review plugin with rating of post

I want rating system like on wordpress’s official site. Every user while making review can rate post (2) and the total rating is displayed near the post (1). Looks pretty simple but all plugins which I found by now either show only total rating or allow to rate comments of users or to do whatever […]

Star rating for custom post types

I need to add star ratings to one of my custom post types. At first I coded them myself but when the rating challenge came along i thought about using a plugin instead, so I used easy post types. I’ve tried a couple star rating plugins and none of them seem to work. For example, […]

Author page: Comments and Ratings?

I have a mult-author site where the author page gets high traffic. People want to know more about them. I have modified the author page to show more info, some custom fields, etc. but what I’d really like to do is turn on Comments for the author.php page (so that OTHER logged in users can […]