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Create reviews and star-rating for user accounts in wp-admin

I would like each and every user to have the rating in stars and a review along with it so that any user can rate them using JavaScript 5 stars. The various reviews along with stars rating should be displayed in the wp-admin panel so that the user can analyze himself. And a cumulative average […]

Is there any plugin which enables users to rate comments in thumbs up-down way?

The plugin should work with un-registered users also. Its not mandatory for plugin to add rating system to posts/pages. I need thumbs up-down rating system only for comments.

WordPress Post Voting – Vote once per IP on entire site

I’ve been researching this for a few days now and found many voting plugins – unfortunately none of them does exactly what I need, so I am trying to hack some functions/scripts that I’ve found by searching online. I’m working with this script, now: I’m trying to figure out a way to only allow […]

How to rate a post from Admin Side / Manually?

I am working on a Mini Job Site. i want to give rating to posts manually from admin / editor side Best rated people will be on top. so visitor’ll get better choice. visitor are not allowed to rate posts like this how to do this ? {1} Meta-box uses {2} Custom Field help me […]

Additional fields on Woocommerce's rating system

I need to add additional fields to a Woocommerce product rating system like this: I opened this file: /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product-reviews.php and saw the following lines: $comment_form = array( ‘title_reply’ => $title_reply, ‘comment_notes_before’ => ”, ‘comment_notes_after’ => ”, ‘fields’ => array( ‘author’ => ‘<p class=”comment-form-author”>’ . ‘<label for=”author”>’ . __( ‘Name’, ‘woocommerce’ ) . ‘</label> ‘ . […]

Get rating product by product id

How to get product rating by product_id without loop? I have one product_id and i want get product rating, how can I do this and it is feasible? Thank

How to get total count for each star rating?

I’m using Woocommerce and I’m trying to get the total for each star rating using the post id (just like in the image below). Each rating is stored on my database as a number from 1 – 5 I just don’t know how to go about retrieving the total count for each rating. Any help […]

Rating system and changing the loop

Alright, so I want to see who can help me implement this idea I have. I just want one single Icon next to a post. If you click it, then you “Heart” it or “Love it”. The post has a counter to see how many people “heart” it. Then I want to change the loop […]

Good rating plugin that doesn't depend on an external service?

Is there a good plugin for rating blog posts that doesn’t depend on PollDaddy or another external service? Ideally I’d like a plugin similar in appearance to Polldaddy Polls & Ratings, but without the PollDaddy dependency (I’d prefer to have the rating data in the WP database). EDIT: just to make things clear: I’m not […]

Thumb rating for wordpress – top user

I am currently using gd star rating (thumb rating) to rate posts (articles – no rating on comments). What I really want to do is show a table of the top 5 users and their number of votes based on the total number of thumbs up they receive for all their posts. For instance | […]