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How to create a load more post entries like Twitter?

Hey guys, last days i have been trying to figure out how to do that. As read on but inside wordpress. And i have finally come with a solution, may not be the best one but i hope you guys can improve my code and post it here just like i`m doing. Feel free […]

Read More is not working in query posts

I have Query_posts in my page. the posts have tags to separate for read more, But while doing query posts it is pulling all content for <?php the_content(‘read more..’);?>

How to only show the first X words (from each post) on the home page?

How can you have it so that the site’s home page will only show the first X (let’s say 300) words of the post? But without using “more” tag, or hand filled excerpts? I am looking for a plugin/hack for WP 2.9 and onward. I came across several solutions so far, but am hoping for […]

Ignore a more tag when using get_the_content()

This is such a simple question it seems yet I can’t find a definite answer on it. So how do you make get_the_content() obtain all the content of a post even if it has <!–more–> inside of the text which normally makes the function return after it has been used ?

How to make <!–more–> a button?

There is plenty of information on how to make the Read More function display different text in the Codex but what kind of filter would need to be used to make it display <button class=”readmorebtn” onclick(permalink)>Read More</button>?

Hide/show content starting in the middle of a paragraph

I need to be able to hide/show arbitrary content (paragraphs, lists, maybe pictures) based on a user clicking a link. This is easy enough, but I am running into a lot of problems trying to add this in the middle of a paragraph. We’re trying to have a “read more” type link on certain sections […]

Get the <!–more–> link text

How I can get the link text is using WordPress? By default is something like: Read More <span class=”meta-nav”>→</span> buy I want to get that value in a variable because some WordPress installation can have that value customized (using filter the_content_more_link) or in another language. In resumen: what I need is to get from WordPress […]

Different 'read more' links

Is there an easy way to add another ‘read more‘ link? I’m using the standard ‘continue reading’ link for some posts but I also want to use a different text like ‘more info’ for other posts. Can I do this using the_excerpt? Later update: This are the two standard twentyelven functions that are used for […]

“More” span making trouble

I’ve created my own custom post type using this tutorial: Everything works fine, but I’m having major problem with “Read more” feature. As we all know <!–more–> adds <span id=”more-[number]” /> at the start of hidden more paragraph. In my case this span breaks whole markup. See for yourself: <p>This is normal paragraph and […]

Word limit in post_content after more tag

I am using the following code to hide the teaser and show content only after more tag in loop: <?php $after_more = explode( ‘<!–more–>’, $post->post_content ); if( $after_more[1] ) { echo $after_more[1]; } else { echo $after_more[0]; } ?> Is there anyway to show only first 50 words instead of entire post content? I want […]