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More tag locked in Hemingway

I’m currently using the Hemingway theme as seen here: Currently this theme provides a pleasing tag when generated, however I can’t change what the tag reads as. At least individually. I know I can go into the functions.php and change the $more_link_text: // Custom more-link text add_filter( ‘the_content_more_link’, ‘hemingway_custom_more_link’, 10, 2 ); function hemingway_custom_more_link( […]

More tag – how do I remove preceding <br>?

Can anyone advise on how I can remove the preceding <br> tag when a post’s “read more…” tag is generated? Any advice appreciated! This is the code that’s generated – <p>blah blah blah blah<br> <a class=”more-link” href=”blahblahblahblah”> …Read more</a></p> It’s that annoying little I want rid of, so the “read more” is on the same […]

Read more on pages WordPress

I know that this topic is already on the Forum but the solution simply don’t work for me. I have a few pages where I would like to split content using read more. So I have done recommended hack by adding global $more; and $more = 0; the_content(); and everything seem to look ok although […]

Prepending character(s) to a custom <!–more–> tag title?

I’m hacking around with a blog using Cordobo Green Park and I’ve noticed when I specify a custom title, instead of it beginning with a » symbol (as it does for the standard “» Read more: [POSTTITLE]“) the custom message is simply shown without any prepended character. It’s a shame, because the » character would […]

how can I add a “read more” tag directly in the template?

how can I add a <–more–> tag directly in the template? I mean, the exact php code to use in a template for that shortcode. I need it for a script that makes use of that shortcode to hide content and having to add the “more” shortcode by hand through all the posts would be […]

Advanced Custom Fields WYSIWYG More tag

Before describing the problem, let me first tell that I have already searched on google, also read the ACF documentation, support, even asked on their support forum but it’s hard to get any kind of answer there. So the thing is I have this wysiwyg on a custom post type I made where I have […]

Remove Content after <!–more-> tags

Here with the structure of content in text editor Content Before <!–more-> Content After I wanted to remove the “Content Before” in my single post so instead I have this Content Before Content After I will have the “Content After” on my single post only Content After How can I achieve this display?

Wrap More Link in Div

I would like to put the “more” link in it’s own div and am having some trouble… my current code looks like: the_content(“<div class=’more’>More &gt;&gt;</div>”); But the problem is that the output is not cross-browser compatible…Safari and Firefox render this fine, placing the div around the more link…but IE8 renders the div in the a […]

Extra text… after read more tag

I have some <!–more–> tags in my posts and they work…to a degree. Instead of doing a hard break after the <!–more–> tag, it continues on to show some of the next paragraph of text followed by a … How can I get the <!–more–> tag to be a hard break? Thanks example on homepage

WordPress <!–more–> adding a <br> to my anchor for Read More

When creating a post within my wordpress site (using the editor) I want to add the short code, or even use the link at the top of the editor to do so. The end result is (it does create the excerpt and add the “Read more” link) but that link is broken and the editor […]