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problem with readme.txt description and youtube video

I am the author of the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin and I’m facing an issue with my readme.txt file. I would like to show a video and a text description, like other plugins do. I have entered a description in the description section and a youtube video, as you can see in the link […]

Styling readme.html in plugin?

I am making readme.html file for a plugin with some detailed setup instruction that need to include screenshots. As rest of UI I want it be consistent with WordPress style and so I looked at its own readme.html. It includes stylesheet with relative path: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”wp-admin/css/install.css?ver=20100228″ type=”text/css” /> So for a plugin file I […]

Custom headers for the WordPress plugin directory

I just have submitted one of my simple WP Widget to the WordPress Directory. I want to add Plugin Title Image as like in How can I add that? From readme.txt file? How?

WYSIWYG WordPress readme.txt file Markdown Viewer

I’m ready to upload my first WordPress Plugin and although I’m pretty sure I nailed the readme.txt file I thought it would be nice if I could preview it before uploading the zip file. My search has come up empty for actual WYSISYG. I was looking for a viewer that would show all tabs and […]

Stable tag of plugin in the readme file

If I am pushing a new version (v0.2) of my plugin (v0.1) on the repo, what does I do with the stable tag in readme file? Change it to v0.2? What should come here? Clarifications please 🙂