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How can I view my readme.txt file to include inline images, videos…prior to submitting a New Plugin for review by

I am a newbie and am likely asking for too much but here it is, I have written my first plugin and created a readme.txt file and tested it with the validator and it passes with flying colors. I have read the posted question Adding Image in readme.txt file of wordpress plugin and it does […]

Readme.txt seems to be cached but not the version

I know there are a lot of questions on readme.txt in WordPress but having not succeeded using Google-Fu, I thought I’d ask a question to see if anyone else has come across this. I have created a WordPress Plugin which is available on the marketplace, I then wanted to upgrade it which i did through […]

Adding Image in readme.txt file of wordpress plugin

It is possible to add a gif file in the readme.txt file of wordpress plugin in the plugin repository? My plugin url is I don’t want the image in the screeshot section – I need the image in the description section. I know that i can insert a video but in my plugin […]

Is there a way to test that readme looks in other language before submitting translation?

I am adding the translation for my plugin’s readme file in Spanish. I want to check if there is a way to test how my file will look on WordPress site’s page before submitting the translation?

Does the order of sections in readme.txt matter?

As the title says, Does the order of sections in readme.txt matter? This relates to me editing changelog every update and having to scroll past all the FAQ entries. Is it OK to move changelog to the top of readme.txt to make my life just that little bit easier?

problem with readme.txt description and youtube video

I am the author of the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin and I’m facing an issue with my readme.txt file. I would like to show a video and a text description, like other plugins do. I have entered a description in the description section and a youtube video, as you can see in the link […]

Styling readme.html in plugin?

I am making readme.html file for a plugin with some detailed setup instruction that need to include screenshots. As rest of UI I want it be consistent with WordPress style and so I looked at its own readme.html. It includes stylesheet with relative path: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”wp-admin/css/install.css?ver=20100228″ type=”text/css” /> So for a plugin file I […]

Custom headers for the WordPress plugin directory

I just have submitted one of my simple WP Widget to the WordPress Directory. I want to add Plugin Title Image as like in How can I add that? From readme.txt file? How?

WYSIWYG WordPress readme.txt file Markdown Viewer

I’m ready to upload my first WordPress Plugin and although I’m pretty sure I nailed the readme.txt file I thought it would be nice if I could preview it before uploading the zip file. My search has come up empty for actual WYSISYG. I was looking for a viewer that would show all tabs and […]

Stable tag of plugin in the readme file

If I am pushing a new version (v0.2) of my plugin (v0.1) on the repo, what does I do with the stable tag in readme file? Change it to v0.2? What should come here? Clarifications please 🙂