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What is the better for call files: bloginfo() or echo esc_url()?

Using the Theme Check for test the quality of my theme, it return my theme is using the bloginfo(); Ex: <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/static/img/logo.svg” The Theme Check recommended that I replace the bloginfo() for echo esc_url( get_template_directory_uri() ); I searched about it, but I’m not sure if using this function is a good practice. So, […]

List of Body Classes Generated by body_class()

Does anyone know where I can get a list of all the body classes generated by body_class() for every sections and every conditions, including custom post-types, etc.? For example, for a search result page with certain conditions (eg. logged-in), the function produces this: <body class=”search search-results logged-in admin-bar single-author two-column right-sidebar”> I need the full […]

Is there a way to direct unregistered user to registration page when click a link?

everyone: this question seems pretty commmon to ask, but I did not find any answer. I was wondering, if there is a php function that I could use to direct a user to the site’s registartion page, so that I can use php instead of link that I need to customize every time I change […]

How to use page jumps to top of banner and page title?

I’ve tried using page jumps as instructed by countless websites to “jump to the top of my page”: Source code followed by destination code: <a href=”top_page”>LINK TEXT HERE</a> <a id=”top_page”></a> However, this process only takes me to the top of the “body” portion of my page. Is there a way to jump to the very […]

Is there a list of all display functions for templates?

I am going to write my own post display thing, and I cannot find a list of all these type of functions: the_date(); the_title(); the_excerpt(); I’m sure there are more, but where can I find a list?

Need resource on available functions and objects

I am a programmer, and love jQuery. Visual jQuery and other resources is THE best place to get all the code/function et get your hand dirty… But when it come to WordPress.. the code is too thin or too abstract… i nee more like a dictionary of term, function, and possibility What i need is […]

Changing the visible url path to css & js files

Does anyone happen to know how I can automatically turn: into Naturally I could just create the applicable folder within the root of the website, place the files there and just reference them but that is now what I am after. I am looking for a way to keep all CSS & JavaScript […]

Why, Where, and When to use reference pointers in filters/hooks?

Why, Where, and When to use reference pointers in filters/hooks? What are the potential cons of not using them when suggested or required? Just looking for a more detailed answer than the codex provides and maybe some real world applications of this. For example: add_filter(‘some_wp_filter’, array(&$this, ‘my_function_to_filter’);

WordPress training materials

Are there any good publicly-available WordPress training materials (videos, manuals, etc.) that could be used to give content editors a basic overview of WordPress? We have a handful of blogs on a WordPress server and I’d really like to be able to automate training some more.

I'm looking for some good references (manuals)

I started a blog recently. Currently I’m using a free theme and some plugins that are working well enough for now. And, my overall goal is to produce content and not become a WordPress developer, etc. In the meantime, I do need to upgrade my technical skills. I have one goal of customizing my current […]