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How can I fix those issues generated by the Themecheck plugin

I’ve got the following error messages on the themecheck plugin in my WordPress theme. REQUIRED: The theme uses the register_taxonomy() function, which is plugin-territory functionality. REQUIRED: The theme uses the register_post_type() function, which is plugin-territory functionality. WARNING: The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality. I declared the register_taxonomy() and register_post_type() […]

Post taxonomy from exif data

Whenever I post a post with a featured image, I want to extract the exif data from that image and attach it as a term for a taxonomy. I already got a plugin which can extract the relevant info, but I dont know where and when to call wp_set_object_terms Can anyone point me in the […]

Registering custom taxonomy with unique name, a good practise?

Is it a good practise to register custom taxonomy with a unique name (the $taxonomy parameter), and then use the rewrite argument to set a custom slug? For example, I could create a taxonomy called list in two different ways. Like this: add_action( ‘init’, ‘custom_taxonomy_lists’ ); function custom_taxonomy_lists() { register_taxonomy( ‘lists’, // […] ); } […]

How to modify a taxonomy that's already registered

Today I needed to change the arguments on a custom taxonomy that was already registered by a third party plugin. Specifically I wanted to set the show_admin_column argument to true and change the rewrite slug so that it wasn’t just the taxonomy slug. In this case, it was a “People” post type with a “People […]

Can multiple custom post types share a custom taxonomy?

I’m considering rebuilding a drupal site in wordpress and am still wrapping my head around the differences between the systems – particularly cck/fields and custom content types and the different ways to use taxonomy. I would like to know if two custom content types can share one custom taxonomy. In drupal I can limit the […]