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Send email to all registered users

I’ve got a about 60 registered users. How can I send an email out to all of them? Any suggestions on how to achieve this. The users have registered, so I don’t think they are going to mind an email send to them, but how could I get that to work? would a plug in […]

How do I show a different homepage to logged in and non-logged in users?

Basically, I want to show non-logged in users a page that says ‘register or log in.’ But I want to show logged in users a standard homepage will all my posts.

Use “archive” as slug for custom post type

I need to have a custom post type slug and its associated taxonomy’s slug to have value “archive”. Any other value is ok, I’ve tested it, so there is no problem with the code per se. I guess the path is already registered in the WordPress core for the categories archive, so I get a […]

How can I display show/hide elements when user is registered?

I’d like to change some elements in my header when the user is registered. I have both codes of the element, one when unregistered and the other when the user is registered, but I don’t know how to make them switch. Any help?

Allow guests comments on single post

I would allow guests comments who are not registered yet to comment only one single post. Other posts have to be commentable just for registered users.

Is it possible to change the attributes of a registered style or script before it fires?

I’d like to modify the properties of a registered style(or script – same applies) before it’s been loaded. Right now i’m trying to modify a registered style just before it gets enqueued, so i can point it at another file(ie. change the src property, maybe others to). Looking for some ideas specifically about where to […]

User registration followed by automatic login

I am using a plugin modified for my purposes. What I am after is after the user has registered for it to automatically log them in and return them to the current page. At the moment it sends them an email with their username and password. They then have to log in using those details.