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WordPress 3.2(Multisite) – How to add custom user meta fields to signup form?

I want to add custom user meta fields to registration page. I use WP multisite so I have to modify wp-signup.php. Adding some field is easy for me(I am programmer :P). But I have a problem with this line of code: wpmu_signup_user($user_name, $user_email, apply_filters(‘add_signup_meta’, array())); I have searched all WordPress with bash command: find -name […]

WordPress shows registration link for non logged users

I have a WordPress site and I want to add a registration link for visitors. So, I added a menu item called ‘REGISTER’ with the following link: The problem is that this link opens the registration form for both users and visitors and I want to show it only to visitors.

Checked checkbox?

I’m working on adding a checkbox to my user registration page to opt-in to my e-mail list, and I’m not sure the proper way to have the checkbox ticked off by default. This is what I’ve got so far: // Checkbox to join list add_action( ‘register_form’, ’email_opt_in’ ); function email_opt_in() { ?> <p> <label style=”font-size:13px;”> […]

After e-junkie payment, send a http post to register user automatically?

I have the workflow thought out: User pays for something on your site using e-junkie. After payment, a http post ( with user email and name gets sent to a wordpress registration script ) and registers that user automatically — ignores if the email is in database I think we can use the wp-register.php page […]

Add More Fields to Users Pages (Admin Panel)

So I’m trying to create some custom fields for users. I need to give users access to a 30 day trial of some software and I want to keep track of that in the users page of administration panel. If the user is in the trail I want to add “Trial” at the top and […]

How can I verify users facebook ID that he provides during signup process

In my signup form there is an input field that gets user’s facebook ID, I just want to verify if its correct before signing up the user.

Display commenter's registration date on comments?

Is there any way to display a user’s (registered) registration date on the comment. Lets say i have a written an article, registered users A, B, C and D left a comment on my article. I can display comment date, commenter’s name and email by default . I want to display the commenter’s registration date […]

Javascript on Registration Page

I’ve been trying to figure out how to implement javascript on my registration page with no luck. I’ve read the documentation on wordpress about properly including js, have searched for relevant answers, and believe I have followed all steps correctly, however it’s not working. Basically I call a .js file in functions.php, and it doesn’t […]

Buddypress register.php user redirect

In my buddypress I have set the register page as homepage. Now whenever a logged-in user tries to access the register page(homepage), they are redirected to Members directory. I want it to change to, home page. is there any way? I have tried changing the buddypress/bp-members/bp-members-signup.php file this way: // If the user is logged […]

Creating a custom post type upon registration

I’m struggling to find the best/quick easy solution to this problem: I have a plugin that creates companies but stores all of the company info as a user so all information is in the user’s profile. I have another plugin (Geo my WP) that only searches for post/pages/cpt’s but not users (well they kinda do […]