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Redirect User to login page

Well I am newbie to WP and the question may sound duplicate but even after trying for few days I can not make this work. I have integrated a custom login and registration form in my WP site which is different form usual WP login and register forms. I need to perform the following actions […]

Are login functions considered part of the WP backend?

This might be a dumb question but are the login part of WordPress considered to be part of the backend?

Make new users automatically approved

I’m allowing new user registrations on my site and checked “Anyone can register” and set the default role to Subscriber, but for some reason users still need manual approval. This is annoying because people will sign up but not be able to log in. No matter what I do users go into the database as […]

How to find the Registration page

I am managing the WordPress website i don’t have the document of the website my problem is the website has the registration page please see [this link] but when i check the registration page in WordPress admin the page is blank i don’t have any idea how the previous developer linked the page can anyone […]

Custom registration fields not validating

Hi I have created two custom fields – both of them should be required, but when I fill out username and correct email, the error messages are skipped and user gets registered. If there is an error in username or email, it writes the messages correctly. Could anybody give me a helping hand? //1. Add […]

Display number of sign-ups

Our website has a page where visitors can sign a charter. We’d like to display a counter for how many people have entered their details. It needs to update dynamically each time a new person signs up. What’s the best approach?

register_settings callback function erases data

I have registered a setting with a callback function: register_setting( ‘my-plugin-settings-group’, ‘notification_email’, ’email_validation’ ) and callback function looks like: function email_validation($data) { if (null == $data) { add_settings_error( ‘requiredTextFieldEmpty’, ’empty’, ‘Notification Email cannot be empty’, ‘error’ ); } else { if (!is_email($data)){ add_settings_error( ‘requiredTextFieldEmpty’, ’empty’, ‘Notification Email is not valid email address’, ‘error’ ); } […]

wp_insert_user not returning anything

I’m using WordPress 4.5.3, when I call wp_insert_user, it works, user gets created normally, but it does not return the ID or even an error. Test.php $userdata = array( ‘user_login’ => esc_attr($this->username), ‘user_email’ => esc_attr($this->email), ‘user_pass’ => esc_attr($this->password), ‘first_name’ => esc_attr($this->first_name), ‘display_name’ => esc_attr($this->tagline) ); echo “Test 1”; $register_user = wp_insert_user($userdata); echo “Test 2”; //This […]

“Password Strength Unknown” Registration Issue

I encountered a strange bug when users are trying to enter a new password that states “Password Strength Unknown” regardless of the amount of characters (capitalized etc.) that are entered into the input field. Direct link to site: Screenshot: What other information can I provide to help solve this issue?

Custom login and registration forms

I want to create a custom register / login form for a specific user role in the WordPress system. The visitor should be able to register (to assign the right role immediately) and login to gain access to a specific page (which is only available for this specific role). I’ve found some articles, where they […]