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Moving a local installation to the server – settings not working on server?

I moved my local WordPress to the server and some of the theme settings as well as settings I made for plugins locally are not working on the server. This is what I did: Uploaded the local code to the server Exported my local database and replaced the local URLs with the server URLs Imported […]

Publishing Remotely To WordPress?

Hey i know that there are options to post to a wordpress blog remotely by email or by another source. My blog is self hosted. What other ways is there to publish besides via email.

'Remote Login' with MultiSite Domain Mapping still forcing users to login to all blogs individually?

I’m having trouble with the ‘Remote Login’ option of MultiSite domain mapping. I have a local dev install which allows me to swap between network blogs without needing to login to each blog individually (which is my understanding of what Remote Login allows?). But the live version of the Network forces all users to login […]

Call specific plugin update

I’m looking for way to update specific plugin via xmlrpc api. There is no exposed any function for do upgrades. I’ve tried to visit (“update now” url from admin panel, _wpnonce parameter created by calling wp_nonce_url), but it gives only “Are you sure?” message. Sending post request to update-core.php?action=do-plugin-upgrade gives me this same: are […]

wp_set_current_user (remote logging) doesnt work on server

I am figting with one interesting problem. I am logging in user with authorization on remote server. The problem is that it is working fine on a localhost but not on a server. Here is code I am using: function userSignIn() { $token = $_GET[‘key’]; $userOp = getUserFromOP($token); if ($userOp != null && is_array($userOp)) { […]

Connect to live db whilst working locally

Please excuse my ignorance, as I’m entirely self taught (HTML, CSS, and some JS and PHP) as a hobby, and SSH is all fairly new to me. I originally built a static website for my wife’s childminding business using HTML and CSS. Then after a while, made it into a PHP template. It would be […]

modify post meta data remotely without xmlrpc

I want to make changes to post meta data from another server and had used xml-rpc. After some security concerns were raised, I disabled xmlrpc. I do not have remote access to the MySQL database. I prefer to code a solution in ruby to make this all work. Is there an approach that doesn’t require […]

Maintain user profile data in a non-WordPress database

I have an existing MySQL database (not WordPress) containing user profile information. I am looking for a way to allow these users to log in to a WordPress site and edit their profile. It is most likely I will need to write a plugin to do this, however I’m hoping that others have had the […]

Remote plugin activation hook

I am remote activating plugins using update_option(‘active_plugins,’some_plugins’); It works fine except one thing: if some plugins have to create some tables using register_activation_hook(__FILE__,’activate’); it won’t create them. When I’m activating plugins normally in wp-admin/plugins.php it works fine. Any ideas how to remote execute this activation hook or maybe there is different way to better plugin […]

How to Get Logged-in to “Remote WP Site” from my local script (in Same Browser)?

In WordPress, is it possible: To “make my current browser” to get “logged-in” to the a WP site, from a script in my localhost? Means, i will be running a script in my localhost: http://localhost/do_login.php And after that, in the same browser, when i go to: I should already be logged in there. So […]