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Do I need to include a textdomain if my theme doesn't support translation?

According to the codex Themes are required to use theme-slug (or a reasonable facsimile) as textdomain for translation Does this mean that my theme needs to include a textdomain even if my theme doesn’t support translation? … and also is there any harm in including a textdomain in style.css if there are no translation options.

Possibility of including third party software/plugins in the WordPress repository

I’ve been looking into using the WordPress Repository for one of my larger plugins, the problem is that it’s using a lot of third party software. Video players/Slide scripts/Jquery includes, some of which are commercial in nature. My question is related to the content that differs from the GPL v2. Id like to include those […]

How to make Pull Requests on a plugin?

How can I submit pull request to other’s plugin at

How do I set a custom WordPress update repository?

I’m co-authoring a white paper on utilising WordPress as a foundation for a web-app, I would like to change the repository that the core WordPress updates from, the latest additions of automatic updates in 3.7 are very nice, but how would I go about pointing some installations at a custom server repository of mine? I […]

Custom wordpress Theme and Plugin repository

I am looking for a guide/guidance to create a proper custom wordpress repository for themes and plugins hosted on a website hosting account. I do not want to host it on or anywhere else. I searched in google but without any success so far. Anyone could help?

Plugin Repository commit doesn't show up in activity

I’ve just published the first update for one of my WordPress plugins but I’m not sure if it was successful. I had a few errors in previous attempts to commit to the SVN repository, so I tried it with a utility called SmartSVN, which says that the commit was successful, but I can’t find it […]

How to get the SQL of the changes made to the database from an update or upgrade?

When I update/upgrade a plugin, theme, or even the core of WordPress, it has an impact in the database, it changes many things. How do I keep track of it? The problem is that I have a repository, all the changes made to the files are all correctly tracked, but I don’t have any idea […]

How to checkout the plugin repository?

I have problems to checkout the plugin repository via SVN on First it starts all looking well: >svn –force checkout A\lumberjack … But while it progresses, it gets stuck: … A\gbs-ad-shopping\readme.txt A\gbs-ad-shopping\SaveButton.png svn: In directory ‘\gbs-ad-shopping’ svn: Can’t open file ‘\gbs-ad-shopping\.svn\tmp\text-base\readme.txt.svn-base’: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. […]

Which directory in my plugin repo does WordPress Plugin Directory package?

I am a little confused about that. If I want tags/1.2.3 to be available for download instead of the one in trunk, how do I do that? In the FAQ, it says that I should change stable tag to 1.2.3 in trunk/readme.txt. I did that but WPD is still showing the old version in the […]

Missing Logo in Repository

I experience a quite odd behavior of the WordPress Repository, or I am doing something wrong (more likely). So, for my plugin, which is registered in the WordPress Repository, I created a logo and I uploaded it as icon-128×128.png as well as icon-256×256.png in the /assets/-folder. First I only uploaded the small logo and it […]