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Missing Logo in Repository

I experience a quite odd behavior of the WordPress Repository, or I am doing something wrong (more likely). So, for my plugin, which is registered in the WordPress Repository, I created a logo and I uploaded it as icon-128×128.png as well as icon-256×256.png in the /assets/-folder. First I only uploaded the small logo and it […]

Hosting plugin with excanvas (dependency of flot, jqPlot and more) in official repository?

Considering using flot for graphs in plugin and a little lost with dependencies and licensing here. WordPress repository demands GPLv2-compatible. flot is under MIT license, which is GPL-compatible. flot uses excanvas (for IE compatibility) under Apache License 2.0 which is compatible to GPLv3, but not v2. So is or is not flot compatible to repository? […]

My new WordPress plugin version is not showing up in the plugin directory. It's been 4 days what could the problem be?

Hi to all I made a wordpress plugin amtythumb post. All previous versions are reflected at worpress SVN within some hours. But this time 5.5 version of my plugin is not being reflected on wordpress plugin site even after 3-4 days. just check wordpress plugin site And SVN for confirmation, Please let me […]

How to handle the Plugin Version on Update using Tortoise SVN and the Plugin Repository?

Recently I tried to update my plugin to WP server. The update to trunk folder went fine, but when I created a folder with a new version under tags folder and tried to upload it, only the immediate children files of this folder where uploaded successfully and the sub folders weren’t. Eventually I figured out […]

Commit changes to WordPress Plugin SVN with TortoiseSVN

I’m trying to upload my plugin for the first time to the WordPress SVN. I’ve been granted access from the WordPress team. I am able to download the directory. Then I try to place my plugin files into the trunk folder, and then commit the changes. When I do this. I am prompted for my […]

User File Upload Repository?

I am trying to make a user-uploaded file repository on my wordpress site, but have been unable to find any plug-ins or tutorials on how to accomplish such a task. Basically I want a page where users can go and upload files via an upload file dialogue. Then I want to have a page that […]

Subversion, github, etc.. version control systems/repositories

I’m developing WP as a heavily bespoke CMS. One of the five plugins required is already 2500 lines of code and isn’t quite finished. I work between two machines – my laptop and my home PC. Generally, my working method involves FileZilla and Notepad++. I log on to whichever machine I need to use; download […]

Can i do plugin commits directly from a plugin folder inside an installation using the Trunk SVN

I have several virtual hosts setup, three of them pull files via SVN when needed(though only the trunk folder actually needs this), using SVN for other versions make for easy patch creation, or easy file replacement if i hack a core file. My question is whether i can checkin a plugin from directly inside the […]

Allowing Two Developers Access to a Plugin on the Plugin Repository?

The question is “How to Allow Two Developers Access to a Plugin on the Plugin Repository?” This question was asked on the wp-hackers list and @EAMann answered it nicely and it’s a great question to have here so I’m posting it for Eric to answer here.

Update plugin from personal API

I’m developing a wordpress plugin at the moment which I do not want in the WordPress plugin repository. However I still want to be able to push updates to my costumers from my own API repository. I’ve been reading quite a bit about this, and one thing that seems to be something about is the […]