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Handling form request from plugin file

In a plugin I have a payment form that needs to be submitted (via the action= attribute) to a .php file, also located in my plugin directly. After some research, it seems like the “wordpress way” to call up individual plugin files is to actually use custom queries on index.php instead. I’ve done so with […]

Using database meta_values to calculate new post order using pre_get_posts or a 'request' hook

UPDATE: I have worked out my implementation of the selected answer at the bottom of this post. I’m implementing a sorting algorithm based on Reddit’s hotness algorithm, in addition to a time-decay (like Hacker News hotness algorithm). The code I am currently satisfied with is a result of trial and errors in some Excel sheets […]

Post Admin – Filter by posts without tags

I am stuck on this one and it’s probably a really simple answer but can anyone please shine some light on how to add a filter menu with an option value of ‘No Tags’ that when clicking the Filter button will only show posts that have no tags associated with them? Many thanks in advance!

Modify custom Users Manage page

I’m trying to create a submenu page under ‘Users‘ which is like the ‘All Users’ page but for listing users of specific roles only. Let’s just call this submenu page ‘Customer’. So far I managed to create one with its own columns, but there are still some things that I haven’t managed to modify to […]

Enforcing canonical URLs with multiple custom post types

I’m working on a project with several custom post types, where one of the post types is naturally (but not actually in the WordPress sense) the ‘parent’ of the others. For example, say I have a custom post type called ‘book’ and another one called ‘character’, and say I want to have the following custom […]

How can I control the comment counts filtering my CPT replies?

I’m developing a plugin that is using the comments table with custom comment_type for CPT replies. The problem was that, I’s getting replies to my CPT in Comments page (/wp-admin/edit-comments.php). So I used a filter to put ’em out of the comments list. It’s working fine, and stripping my replies to CPT out of the […]

How to modify posts_where filter only for the search query

I’m using posts_where filter in order to modify the user searches on a web, but i find out that some default widgets like the “more recent posts” uses this filter too and their behaviour are also modified. I am trying to find a way to avoid that anything other than the users searches use the […]