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reset password label text change

Please see my screenshot. I want to change the “New Password” label text and “login” text. I used following code to change the hint text. function change_password_hint ( $text ) { if(basename($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_NAME”])==’wp-login.php’ && $text == ‘Hint: The password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, […]

Customize retrieve password message

The question I asked here needs to be modified as I have a different problem. I asked the following question on the WordPress support forum but it seems that nobody has an answer to that. I wonder why? Here it is: I am trying to customize the password retrieval message by applying a filter as […]

How to change “Reset Password” text on submit button

I want to change “Reset password” text on submit button to “Set password” How can I change it? I tried to change value with jQuery: add_action( ‘resetpass_form’, ‘resettext’); function resettext(){ ?> <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(‘#resetpassform input#wp-submit’).val(“Set Password”); </script> <?php } But it didn’t work, I don’t know why

Can we stop session reset if page reloads?

I started a session and assigned a value and based on the value other function executes but the page reloads after first session and obviously session resets and the other page where I am calling this session the required value is not fetched. So is there a way to stop session reset? Please help thanks […]

Am unable to reset a query properly

I have a custom taxonomy archive page called ‘taxonomy-teacher.php’ where I display teacher meta (title & description) and then I loop through all the teacher’s talks (audio files), which have custom post type ‘audiotalk’. ‘teacher’ is a non-heirarchical taxonomy for ‘audiotalk’. Everything works great. ‘audiotalk’s also have a heirachical custom taxonomy called ‘audiotalk-categories’ so people […]

How do I reset my footer.php to its original state? (theme: Origami)

I accidentally deleted some codes from my footer.php trying to get rid of the ‘Theme By Origami’ footer, and now the footer is all messed up. How do i reset it to its original state? I feel so stupid, I should have backed up the text before deleting it, Im so careless.. My website: […]

Reset Roles (or undo role changes on theme change)

I am creating a theme that deletes some user roles that are not necessary and creates others. (It deletes author and contributor and renames subscriber). Everything works, but on theme deactivation, I want to readd all the roles I deleted. Do I have to manually go in and create the roles (author and contributor), manually […]

Reseting admin password through PHPMyadmin fails

Following the PHPMyAdmin instructions of this article fails to reset my password properly. I go into WP_Users, find my admin account, click edit, enter my password, change the dropdown to MD5, click save, but this password does not work when I try to login to WP-Admin with this username. Confused.

password recovery key is invalid on custom reset

I am trying to use a custom password recovery form instead of the default WP. The url link for resetting the password is returning ‘invalid key’ error. Does anyone have any help with where the problem is? <?php global $wpdb, $user_ID; function validate_url() { global $post; $page_url = esc_url(get_permalink( $post->ID )); $urlget = strpos($page_url, “?”); […]

How to customize reset_url or $reset_url

I’m trying to change the confirmation link with key and username sent by wordpress when a user forget his password. The link looks like: /wp-login.php?action=rp&key=VZUyDIiJxJz&login=user_name And I want to change it this way: /new-password/?action=rp&key=VZUyDIiJxJz&login=user_name But I don’t know what filter I must use to change it. Thank you in advance for your help and time. […]