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Custom image size vs CSS sizing

I am developing a theme which will have 2 configuration options for the slideshow in the header; a full width version and a half width version. The theme is also responsive and so I am trying to optimize it as much as possible from a speed point of view. I am trying to decide which […]

How to force the twentyfourteen narrow screen layout to apply to wide screens?

In uses the twentyfourteen theme. The narrow screen layout uses the full width of the screen for posts and condenses the page menu to an icon: But the wide screen layout uses only the middle third of the screen for posts. How do I force the narrow screen layout to apply to all screens? […]

twentythirteen h1 and h2 not resizing responsively

I’m using the twentythirteen theme which is supposed to be responsive, here on my site. On this static homepage, the text-headers are generated as follows, using the heading tags: <h2>Hello!</h2> If you narrow the width of the page, you will see the page title “Home” shrink in size, but the text-headers don’t. How can I […]

Add Image Size for Featured Image with Responsive Design

So, I know that I can make a custom featured-image size by adding this to my functions.php file: add_image_size(‘newsize’, 883, 300, true); and calling it with: the_post_thumbnail(‘newsize’); But, I also have CSS rules to make images responsive by including: img { display:block; width:100%; height:auto; } So, what’s happening is, if someone uploads an image that […]

Need help with making a website where user can add products

I need help and advice how to make an website where user register and add products to the sites. There shouldn’t be any paying function, just a user interface and the products that users add can be seen by others (users and not users). The products have to be categorized. What would be the best […]

Move Sidebar from Above Content To Below When Responsive

My theme automatically puts the sidebar above the content rather than below it when going responsive/mobile. I am trying to figure out how I can get it to go below the content instead, as having it above is really hurting customer experience because they have to scroll so much to see the product. This is […]

Why is this jquery / java script code not working in mobile / in devices?

I have following script in my header.php : <script type=”text/javascript”> /* to show back the left side bar back when the LEFT side bar is moved next/below to the center/content */ jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(window).resize(function() { if ($(window).width() < 1018) { $(‘.tm_left’).insertAfter(“.tm_center”); $(‘.tm_left’).show(); } else { $(‘.tm_left’).insertBefore(“.tm_center”); } }); }); </script> this code change my HTML […]

How to make gallery images responsive?

There are pictures, one below the other, inserted by the editor as a gallery. You can see an example on my page here. The problem I have is that this gallery of images is not responsive. Resize your browser window to see what I’m talking about — the images don’t change size. Could you help […]

Using SRCSET with Images and Featured Images

I have been trying to get SRCSET to load in images for different device sizes. My understanding is that when the device width or window width changes, that SRCSET will ONLY load the URL of the corresponding size. I can see the URLs generating for each image, as well as the sizes. These are all […]

Set Post Thumbnails in Percents

I’ve built this responsive site on WordPress and got a little curious as to how I can set the post thumbnails in percentages. Any help would be much appreciated.