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how to make images in post full width

In my wordpress theme I want the pictures in the individual posts to appear full width and responsive to different screen sizes. How could I achieve this?

How can I modify responsive sidebar position and appearence in child theme?

I have a Dynamic News Lite theme and my probleme is that: sidebar is on the rigth side in the content area below slider (which is in the header) but in responsive view there is a sidebar toggle button and if I click on it sidebar fills the full right side not scrolls down only […]

Add div after every 4 posts then every 2 posts for a responsive loop

I’m currently working on a WordPress loop for my index posts page. The loop displays the posts in 4 columns (each post has a width of 25%, so 4 posts on the same row), my purpose is to insert after every four posts two divs <div style=”clear:both;”></div><div style=”separator”></div>. For now it’s working fine, but I […]

menu mobile show up even i in desktop mode in Newspaper Theme

I have WordPress website with Newspaper Theme and I have a problem with the Menu. Link: I have 2 problems: The menu mobile show up in left side even i in desktop mode, this not should be displayed,just if i in mobile mode… From my mobile the menu also open autumaticlly and this not […]

WordPress – Divi Theme – Responsive View – Menu Item Ordering

I am currently working on a WordPress site that is using a Divi theme. The theme has many controls but I am unable to find where to control the menu items that display in the responsive view. In the desktop view they show in the correct order as defined by the theme, but in the […]

Responsive Theme using @media Queries, Stylesheets all built with PX as UOM, experiencing layout issues on browser zoom-in

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information from the past two years regarding this issue, so I need some up-to-date experienced advice before I proceed any further. I have a WordPress site running a responsive theme (child theme of cherry framework 3 master theme) that uses several @media queries to achieve a mobile-friendly […]

Sidebar widgets are over the content in mobile mode, how can I fix it?

I’m building a website by modifying the Dazzling theme on WordPress, and I’m having a problem with the sidebar widgets (Text). Here’s the link to the website: The website is working fine in full window, but when I try to restore the window down to a small size, or when I visualize it from […]

WordPress not choosing the right image from srcset

For some reason WordPress isn’t loading the right image from the server and instead is always taking the one with 960px width, no matter if I open the page with a smartphone or the browser. This is my image elemnt: <img class=”header-img responsive-img” src=”DSC01834-e1487244486122.jpg” srcset=”DSC01834-e1487244486122-350×58.jpg 350w, DSC01834-e1487244486122-768×128.jpg 768w, DSC01834-e1487244486122-960×160.jpg 960w, DSC01834-e1487244486122-560×93.jpg 560w” sizes=”(min-width: 48em) 960px, […]

Upgraded UnderStrap theme and lost styling, any way to restore?

WordPress 4.7.2 running UnderStrap theme Version: 0.5.4 from the previous version. Fairly simple site with responsive pages being wonky so I thought this upgrade would solve, but I took on this project from someone else and I think I lost the styling. I have the “Additional CSS” (in WordPress Customizer) saved. Would the upgrade have […]

new post page (editor) width not mobile responsive

I have a problem with wordpress post editor width on mobile device in admin area. When I open new post page I see this: title ,content area and publish block Go beyond the screen of the mobile device. How to fix this? How to create new post page mobile responsive?