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Clean up customize_changeset in DB

Is there something similar to define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0 ); for customize_changeset type so they’re not collected in DB.

Why my wp_posts data is so huge?

My WordPress has only 23 posts but the wp_posts data is over 70MiB. Is it the average size? The Posts I have were created with WPBakery Visual Composer and has 10 revisions. However, I deleted all the revisions with Revision Control but the wp_posts data size has no change. — update info on Apr 22, […]

Manually removing revision post types

I’m trying to clean and optimize my WordPress database, and I’m wondering if it’s safe to write a MySQL script that would purge/delete all revision post types from the wp_posts table and run it periodically via cron job. Would it also be safe to then reorder post IDs by post date to reflect the now-deleted […]

why there are so many posts whoes post_type is revision? will these records waste too much database space?

from the following data we may know there are only 30 records which are meaningful, and there are 92 records of revision post_type which can not be shown on the blog. so will these records waste too much database space? is it recommended to save such kind of revisions? (btw, i may edit my blog […]

How can I make revisions more extensive?

First I must apologize as I am only using WordPress out of necessity and so may not be very well versed in the proper terminology. I have a site where WordPress serves mainly as a CMS for a pair of pages (one of said pages is a list of open positions, for example). I have […]

Disable revisions for a specific post type only?

Any way to disable post revision on specific post types only?

Post author for revision not being set on update/insert

I’m trying to programmatically update a custom-type post with revisions enabled via form, and everything seems to be working fine except the post_author field for the revision is being set to 0 instead of the ID I’m passing in my array. All of the revisions get a 0, but the post itself gets the correct […]

Notice: Constant WP_POST_REVISIONS already defined

I made a local clone of a website that’s running LIVE in order to safely work offline for a while. On every page of the local version I get a HUGE warning which says Notice: Constant WP_POST_REVISIONS already defined in C:\xampp\htdocs\local-tutorials\wp-config.php on line 95 I guess it’s been defined twice, once in wp-config.php and once […]

Front end URL to restore a post/page

I was wondering if a url exists where one can click on a link and would automatically populate in the edit post of the most current revision. revision.php?action=restore&revision={newestcurrentrevisionID} doesn’t seem to work. all it does is brings me to the revisions page. Am I supposed to link to post.php? what would the action be?

Display an old revision of a post in WP front-end theme, are there functions for this?

I have a custom post type that I’ve made change to a new custom post status value (“pending-change” I call it) when a change is made to any live “published” post. This works nicely and is a way for me to control authors from constantly updating published posts without the need for further checking by […]