Articles of revisions

Is it possible to set custom post type revision limit inside the theme files?

i want to be able to set the revisions limit number of a specific post type. i know there is a plugin for that, and i know it can be set through the “wp-config.php” file, but my question is: Is there a simple short code i can implement on my theme to do that without […]

Are posts updated or built from revisions + autosaves?

When editing a post in the admin I see records being added to the database to document my changes (here is part of the hooks I’m logging): … clean_post_cache transition_post_status save_post Then when I click the “update” button and officially save my changes I see this: … clean_post_cache clean_page_cache […]

Is it possible to display previous post revision?

I want to be able to loop through my posts, but for every post to this: 1) check if some custom field is true or false. 2) if is true just display the post’s data (the_title, the_content…). 3) if is false display the same structure of data (the_title, the_content…) but with the pervious revision of […]

How do I batch create revisions of all posts?

I cleaned up an old-site from pasted tags, manually created lists, etc, and I’d like to keep the old posts as “revisions“, so we can easily “compare” with the old posts and retrieve/revert the original content if needed. So I should either injecting the revision rows in the new DB or just naturally create them […]

Adding a cancel button to edit post screen

I’m actually quite surprised WP hasn’t already implemented this. I want to add a Cancel button to the edit post screen which will do some cleanup when pressed. After a little playing while watching my tables, here’s some things I’ve noticed. A new post is created with a post_status of auto-draft. This is changed to […]

Schedule Page/CPT Revisions

I’m currently working on a wordpress installation that (ab-)uses wordpress Pages with extensive ammounts of custom fields to allow for simple handling of landingpages etc. Our users now asked for a simple solution that allows them to schedule changes to published wordpress for specific dates in the future. is there any plugin or wordpress functionality […]

wp-types – How to allow custom fields to be saved in the revision

I am using this plugin: When I use the revision, it does not saves the custom fields data. Is there anyway to do it? Thanks

New Plugin: Post update pushes a copy as a revision

I’ve been working alot with editing of posts after they’ve been published. I know I can hit update on the post to just update it, but I want to have the journey of revisions available for users to view on site. So I was thinking of a plugin. I’ve looked at which creates another […]

How to remove in the wordpress database all posts revisions except the last three?

here is the commonly recommended sql command for removing posts revisions and cleaning up the wp database: DELETE a,b,c FROM `wp_posts` a LEFT JOIN `wp_term_relationships` b ON (a.ID = b.object_id) LEFT JOIN `wp_postmeta` c ON (a.ID = c.post_id) WHERE a.post_type = ‘revision’; how can i modify it to keep let’s say the last 3 revisions […]

Display revision if post status is pending

I’m trying to display the latest post revision if the page is “pending”, by default the page displays a 404 if it is pending. But I want it to show the latest revision until the page is updated. The code below doesn’t seem to display anything but the title, I have used a hook to […]