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Multiple templates for a custom post type

As new user to wordpress I’m finding that the preset templates structure a little restricting coming from the flexibility of other template routed CMS I’ve worked with. Saying this, I know there are plenty of workarounds and I’m now currently in the process of trying to establish them. — One of the main hurdles I’m […]

Is there a 'rake routes' for wordpress?

Is there an equivalent to ‘rake routes’ in php/wordpress that would spit out all the available wordpress url paths available?

How to display non-page / post content

I have a custom made Twitter stream on my site. I want to have a permalink for each tweet which would go to a page which would display only the tweet – no other content – surrounded by my custom theme. Ideally I would get WordPress to display a Page Template on a certain url […]

Static raw HTML page

On the server there is a static HTML page example.html in my root folder of the WordPress install. Now when a user types I want WordPress to be smart and bypass all normal routing behavior and instead just display that static exmaple.html page. This looks so easy to me concept-wise but I can’t find […]

Custom post type routing with hierarchy

I’ve been playing around with a lot of custom post types lately and I am pretty anal about my URL structure / routing. An issue I ran in to a with a site that I just developed was this: I had many custom post types, for example: videos The URL structure to ‘view’ the video […]

Create a separate JS application for an individual post?

Automattic is building a React.js based theme called Picard. All the JS code is in picard.js, which you can see a reference to below. Although WordPress doesn’t have a “router” per se (as explained here), React.js does and it is being used in this application to change the URL when a post is displayed. My […]

Debugging WP routing

For some posts, I see 404 page, even though posts exist, where is the place in WP where using permalink is decided what object needs to rendered? Thanks!

Custom routing for plugins

I am making a plugin that needs a page that can be accessed from the outside, pretty much like an API, and have the url like so, http://xxxxx/custom_method?parameter=xxxxx&something=xxxx is there a clean way to do this? Thanks in advance.

How make a multi language routes, with rewrite rules or rewrite endpoints?

I want to know a concept of making a multi language routing system for WP. That is the best practice, to make this routing system with add_rewrite_rules for pages post archive etc in part, or to use add_rewrite_endpoint with bitmask?

How to display a raw HTML page (bypassing WordPress theme, scripts, etc)

I’m a software engineer with a WordPress site with hundreds of pages, and it’s working very well. There are certain cases, however, where I’d love to be able to code my own page with no interaction with / interference from the WordPress system (no themes, no styles, no javascript, etc) yet still have it located […]