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WordPress Add to title tag in rss feed

i have this feed and i want to adding [CDATA] to title tag. I try to add this to functions.php but with no luck. add_filter(‘the_title_rss’, ‘job_modify_post_title’); function job_modify_post_title ( $title ) { if ( is_feed(‘job_feed’ ) ) { return ‘<title><![CDATA[‘ . $title . ‘]]></title>’; } } Any help? Best Regards, Panagiotis Mitsinigkos

Add ! to permalink rss

in the next part of adding ![CDATA] to title tag as you can see by the link below WordPress Add [cdata] to title tag in rss feed now i am trying to add ![CDATA] to the link tag using the_permalink_rss This is the code i have so far: //Add cdata to job permalink rss add_filter( […]

Inserting ads into wordpress default rss feeds

i’m hoping i’d find some help in regards to inserting ads into wordpress default rss feeds (i do not use feedburner) <?php function insertAds($content) { $content = $content.'<hr /><a href=””>Have you visited WpRecipes today?</a><hr />’; return $content; } add_filter(‘the_excerpt_rss’, ‘insertAds’); add_filter(‘the_content_rss’, ‘insertAds’); ?> Source here But i read that the_excerpt_rss and the_content_rss is kind of […]

Simple plugin for showing RSS subscription links?

Does someone know of a simple plugin for showing RSS feeds? I need something dead simple that only show the links and would rather re-use something before rolling one myself.

RSS Feed Custom Title?

For some reason my RSS feed is repeating the site title twice without a space, obviously quite annoying. BlognameBlogname for example. Is there any hook i can use to have a custom title for the RSS Feed? So i could have a title ‘This is My RSS Feed for Blogname’ or anything i wanted? Is […]

How can I post Facebook fan page status updates to my WordPress blog?

Is it possible to get an RSS feed of Facebook status updates from a Page rather than a Profile? I want to use the feed in WP’s RSS feed widget. It’s easy to pull statuses from a profile page. I did this using an RSS feed widget. I tried doing the same thing for a […]

RSS Feed has no styles in chrome – function to add one?

This is a really bizarre problem. For some reason Chrome does not have any RSS feed formatting? Where as most other browsers do! So it seems from I read online that I have to create my own style sheet for it :/ That’s fine, but how can I add my RSS stylesheet to my wordpress […]

A function to fetch blog content via rss feed

I am trying to make a function which take an rss fedd URL and fetches the most recent 2 posts. I have tried to remake the snippet from here to a full function in funtions.php as following. I don’t want to use a plugin for this since the plugins I have looked at have been […]

RSS Widget on theme

I want to display some external RSS Feeds in my theme – not on a sidebar – just before a homepage content that I’m building. Is there a core shortcut or method to display RSS on themes?

Non-UTF characters break RSS feed

I have nasty issue occuring every so often where sometime a guest blogger would inadvertently put a non-UTF character or an unbalanced HTML tag into a post, which will then break the RSS feed and will result in FeedBurner not being able to send it to subscribers via email. Is there a technological way to […]