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How to fetch custom post types with its full data on wordpress?

I used this feed to get custom post types: But, it is fetching only title, time, author, url, description. How to fetch all the data like images, tags, taxonomies, custom fields?

WP HTTP Error: couldn't connect to host for RSS feeds on same domain

I’m having trouble reading RSS feeds created by WP3 on the same domain. When I do a print_r($rss); at the part of my plugin where it does the RSS parsing, I get the following output: WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [simplepie-error] => Array ( [0] => WP HTTP Error: couldn’t connect to host […]

Get full content from feeds and save a duplicate copy in my site

Okay Now I’m editing old problem because its done but now i’ve new problem I’ve knowledge of mysql queries but not wordpress queries I’m doing this with mysql queries and its working well but server is going damn slow i know i’m running about 30 query per page load so is there any way to […]

How can I control what / how much text is in my RSS feeds?

Currently, my RSS feeds show the entire text from main text field. I only want to show parts of my text, preferrably my intro text, so that users have to visit my page to read the rest. I’ve customized my WP to act more as an CMS. Among the things I’ve done, is to remove […]

How can I modify RSS item titles to be either the title or a custom meta field?

I’d like to optionally replace some RSS item titles with a headline meta field I’ve added to certain post types. I have the post types showing up in the feed using: function myfeed_request($qv) { if (isset($qv[‘feed’]) && !isset($qv[‘post_type’])) $qv[‘post_type’] = array(‘post’, ‘interviews’, ‘reviews’); return $qv; } add_filter(‘request’, ‘myfeed_request’); But I’ve searched around and can’t figure […]

Failing in_category or has_category in the_content_feed

I’m attempting to test post category within RSS output, however both in_category() or has_category() functions will fail. Testing category “manually” will work. What am I missing? add_filter( “the_content_feed”, “RSS_my_filter” ); function RSS_my_filter($content){ global $post; if (has_category(‘Class Blog’, $post-ID)){ // FAILS!!!! $content = ‘***************’; } $categories_list = get_the_category( $post->ID ); foreach ($categories_list as $category) { if($category->name […]

Help with Magpierss and WordPress

Hoping someone can help. I’m trying to update a friends website – the original developer has gone AWOL unfortunately and left me to pick up the pieces. On the front end of the site the developer has installed Magpierss to have a twitter feed scroll along the bottom. However we’ve just noticed that in the […]

Force the_content() to show full post in RSS feed

I’m making a custom RSS feed where I want the full article to display. The problem is that when I use the_content() to output the article, it will only show the excerpt if there is a ‘more’ tag in that article. How do I force the_content() to output the full article, or is there another […]

How can I get RSS feed for a custom page?

I have a custom page on my blog that doesn’t display RSS feed. You can see the code here for the custom page. I am not sure what I need to do to make rss feed for each individual post on that page. I am not much in php myself so any help is appreciated.

WordPress RSS feed – filter RSS content by custom field value

I can have the RSS feed url like: job_cat & job_type are taxonomies for the job_listing post type and they are considered / generated in the RSS feeds correctly. Recently I’ve added a custom field parameter in te RSS feed url’s called geo_country. If a value is returned for this in the RSS feed […]