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Do I need to re-import Susy to work with it in a child theme?

I’m sure this is a question with a simple answer. I am working on a Storefront child theme. Storefront’s stylesheet has been compiled using the Susy grid system – and I was hoping to inherit mixins etc. based on the parent’s definitions, but all the Sass partials are present in the parent theme’s Assets folder […]

How to style bootstrap container in wordpress theme?

I am createing the footer.php for my costum theme. The whole footer is full with/356. In the middle of this container I another container which is 960/252. Inside I have some components(logo, social icons,navigation,copyright). I assume they also should be in separate containers. On a mobile this all should be responsive. Since I am doing […]

Recommended tools for Theme Development with SASS

My question is – what are other people’s processes in most efficiently developing WordPress themes that utilize SASS and what tools are you using? I also develop from multiple locations/machines (both Windows/OSX) so I would like to have my dev environment stored centrally. A bit about my requirements – I work for a web development […]

apache cpu over 70% on localhost

i’m running a number of WP sites on my localhost WAMP on w8. I started to work on a new site, using Sass and Zurb Foundation using this template: the problem: During my work, suddenly every time I’m querying from the index page, the apache server takes up to 70% from my cpu and […]

Using/compiling Foundation SASS on live WordPress server

so far I’ve used extensively LESS and BootStrap for many of my sites. However, I decided to start using Zurb Foundation as it seem more powerful, especially with the latest release (5). With LESS, what I have always done was installing WP-Less, a plugin that uses phpLess library to compile .less stylesheets by looking at […]

Why isn't my theme processing SASS?

It’s my understanding that WordPress now processes SASS files but for some reason mine don’t work. I’m trying to call it using wp_enqueue_style directly in header.php via the head tag: <?php wp_enqueue_style(‘stylesheet’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/style.css’, $ver = false, $media = ‘screen’) ?> Instead, the file gets called as a normal CSS doc. I attempted to […]