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Backend of the

It has been known that PHP is under an impression that its a web low performer. However, the size of says otherwise. Does anyone knows why blogs scale so well even though its in PHP? Where is the PHP’s maximum. Lets say capacity of simultaneous user access? Thank You

How to scale up image into thumbnail without distorting it?

I have a section in my single post page that contains the post thumbnail. When using a smaller image as featured image (smaller than the thumbnail size, in width or height) it gets distorted to fill the thumbnail and lose its proportion. When the featured image is bigger than the thumbnail size or at least […]

Is WordPress MultiSite secure & how much can it scale?

Great info on How to Scale WordPress and more info on WordPress Web Hosting. Still, I am left with questions. Creating a project that for the sake of argument we will call a blog network. A user signs up for an account and then the blog network company creates a subdomain install for the user. […]

Memory usage for scalable usermeta queries

Problem Some time ago I posted a question about the scalability of wp_usermeta architecture: my concern, as my client’s database of users is growing fast, is now the memory usage of querying the wp_usermeta table. In my situation, I am managing a CRM with thousands of users, each of which with around 15 meta fields. […]

Using Fullscreenr with a wordpress blog – weird bug

I’m wondering if anyone here has used the jquery plugin ‘fullscreenr’ with a wordpress theme before. I’ve noticed a weird bug that I’m sure anyone who has used this before for a wordpress build would have come across.. It’s a niche problem so bear with the explanation. I’ll be as succinct as possible. Fullscreenr is […]

Performance tips for a large user base

I’m preparing a site with many users (100.000+). Since the output depends on the current user’s relation to some custom post types and taxonomies a static cache won’t help much. Besides using a separate table for the users and serving static files from a cookieless domain – what else can I do for performance? For […]

Is there an upper limit for users in WP?

Right now I use a single WP table to feed several sites. We have about 72K users and I have started noticing that to see the “Users” page it takes about 30 seconds on our otherwise pretty fast server. Are there any scalability issues I should worry about and anything I can do to get […]

How to resize images in wordpress without adding any compression or changing the color profile of the images, possible?

As you can guess from the title, Im looking for a solution that allows me to alter the way WordPress processes/saves its newly created images according to the media settings in the dashboard. This is very important since I primarily use WordPress as a way to present portfolio images so they need to maintain the […]

WordPress database scalability from the code perspective

I have read through multiple questions here on StackExchange that concern WordPress scaling and the common opinion is that WordPress is indeed highly scalable provided you have the infrastructure to support it. However, all opinions point and talk about the database scaling. However, I must ask out of curiosity as to how scalable is the […]

How to configure WordPress to handle 75,000 pages?

I have a large site that’s using WordPress. We have 75,000 pages in the site so far, and it’s performing well on the front-end. The issue is that if anyone on our team touches the page editor (wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page), Apache eats up all the memory on the server. I’ve tried disabling all plugins, but that didn’t […]