Articles of scheduled posts

How to schedule categories?

Is there anyway to schedule categories? like I already created the categories but I don’t want it published to the public until the scheduled date like how you can schedule posts.

Comments on future posts

I have enabled future (scheduled) posts to display as single post so on that page comments are enabled but there is a problem when i try to post comment. I get a blank screen without any warning or error displayed? I suppose that there is a problem when commenting on posts that are not yet […]

Include scheduled ( future ) posts in WordPress post navigation ( previous_post_link, next_post_link )

Is this possible? How can i change the query for adjacent posts and add ‘post_status=future’ to display next and previous posts for scheduled ones? I suppose i should use some kind of filter, but could someone show me how? 🙂

Scheduling publish of a new version of existing page results in 404

The best way I can explain this is: I have an already published page (version 1), which I make edits to and want to schedule the new version (version 2) to be published at a later date. When I schedule this, the live/public page (version 1) results in a 404 and is no longer accessible […]

Scheduling posts in database

I have more than 100 posts to schedule. I have set the date and the status (future) with a SQL query. But when the time comes the post is not published and in desktop I can read message ‘Schedule lost’. The system (cron) is working properly, because manual schedules are working normally. How does the […]

How to export custom post type with ACF to individual file with automation?

I have a custom post type product using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) I would like to schedule a daily cron task automation to export all published posts into post_id.txt, one for each post. I know there are plugins that can export custom post type and ACF to CSV or XML. But my requirement is a […]

Is there a way to schedule changes to a page?

Our clients would like to schedule changes made to a given page (for instance by displaying the link to register to an event). Typically, the same page (/registration) should display (before the registration opening): “The registrations will be open by …” Once the time comes, the same page should display: “Registrer by clicking on this […]

Add scheduled page or post in the menu section on back-end

I want to add scheduled page/post in the menu section on back-end before publish the page/post. Please see the screenshot:

User unable to see a scheduled post via the url?

My users aren’t able to see scheduled posts. Instead they get shown a 404 error. I’d like to show scheduled posts as well.

How do I publish portfolio items with a future date?

I am trying to publish portfolio items with a future date (using for an event based website) and I can’t see to find any plugins or anything. I have seen them for generic posts, such as “The Future is Now” and things like that. I don’t know wordpress well enough to code my own solution […]