Articles of scheduled posts

Any way to create scheduled post programatically?

I’m searching through the web for any solutions that will allow me to create a post programatically with post status : Future (Scheduled Post). I’m reading through wp_schedule_event WordPress function for creating cron jobs. Thanks in advance.

Missed scheduled WordPress

I am currently in version 3.1 of WordPress and I have a problem with planning my post. In fact, whenever I plan a post, it is written: “Scheduled missed. Could you help me please. Thank you in advance Francis NIKOU

How to resolve scheduled posts that say “Missed Schedule”

My future posts are getting “missed”. They are not getting published on the time they should, and it says “Missed Schedule”. I read somewhere that it could be a server issue, so how can I fix it?

Scheduled Posts and wp-cron – Why don't scheduled posts publish if too old?

I notice that the documentation for wp_schedule_single_event mentions the following:- The action will fire off when someone visits your WordPress site, if the schedule time has passed. However this does not seem to be true for scheduled posts. I notice that some posts can be missed if wp-cron is not run for a while (not […]

How to create pages that do change or expire after a specified amount of time?

You can create a new page/post for this and set a custom publish date for it, but now the question is: How can you make a page to be available for a specified amount of time and replace it with something else after this? One usage example would be if you want to do a […]

Feedburner doesn't update when “scheduled post” publishes

I’ve searched around and can’t find anything on this, so thought I’d see if y’all could help. I am successfully scheduling posts and having them publish – no “missed schedule” problems – but when a scheduled post is published, WordPress does not ping Feedburner, and my feed is not updated. I can manually go into […]

Update content of multiple pages/posts at once?

Is this possible? using shortcodes? Custom post type? Custom Fields? CSV upload? Unique content per page. Do not need to create new pages, Just update body of them. Seems like a tough one? Also can this be scheduled. Specifically there are a dozen Horoscope pages, with a paragraph of text. I’d like to update each […]

Allow Facebook to preview posts before published

I want to allow Facebook (user agent facebookexternalhit) to access scheduled posts before they’re published, so it can access meta information in order to schedule a status. Currently I temporarily publish posts, schedule Facebook statuses, and then unpublish and schedule posts via WordPress. When a WordPress post is scheduled, editors can access the pre-published page […]

Change scheduled posts to published

I wrote the following function to change scheduled posts to published (I’ve got about 1000 of them). When I run the code below, the date change, but the status does not… Can anyone shed some light on this issue? This is the code I am using as of now: /* CHANGE PENDING POSTS TO PUBLISHED […]

How to schedule autopost publishing at each 60 minutes?

I am using following code to auto publish posts from images uploaded, it works but does not schedule posts publishing, all post are published right after images were uploaded by media uploader in wordpress dashboard. $autopost_controler = get_theme_mod( ‘auto_onoff’ ); if( $autopost_controler != ” ) { switch ( $autopost_controler ) { case ‘on’: add_action( ‘add_attachment’, […]