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how to display “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View” in custom WP_List_Table column?

I have removed “Post Title” in admin column, and created a custom column. Is there any way to the display “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View” link?

How to remove Gravatar from Username column

How to remove the Gravatar image from Username column in the All User admin page?

Add column for attachment file size

EDIT. I got this working, see my own answer below: Now, if someone has any clue as to how I can get this sortable, please chime in! 🙂 —————- Original question —————- How can I add a custom column to the attachment post type? I’m finding ways to add them to posts, pages or custom […]

How to Remove Certain Screen Options and Table Columns from post type in wp_list_table?

On the page where we list all posts made: There is a Screen Options tab in the upper right corner. Upon clicking this, a menu slides down. Contained within this slide down menu, are check boxes. When checking or unchecking these check boxes, certain columns in the post table are shown/hidden, depending on whether […]

Change the order of columns for a custom post type on the admin list page

I have created a custom post type (screen shot below), and would like to change the order of columns. Is it possible to move the “tags” column before the “date” column? Screen shot:

Custom Table Column Sortable by Taxonomy Query

I am looking to add a custom column to a custom post type post listing table in the dashboard. I have read many questions / answers on WPSE, along with this article. Although, it seems like everyone wants to query by meta key / value. I am trying to add a taxonomy value (basically a […]

Modify column_author in WP_Comments_List_Table

Is it possible to modify the values in the author column in the edit-comments.php section of the backend? A hook? I want to change the mailto field for the commenter’s email to include a subject and body. I am pretty sure I found where someone had said there was a way a couple of months […]

Custom columns for taxonomy list table

I have the following code to add a new column to my taxonomy edit screen (edit-tags.php?taxonomy=book_place&post_type=books) function add_book_place_columns($columns){ $columns[‘foo’] = ‘Foo’; return $columns; } add_filter(‘manage_edit-book_place_columns’, ‘add_book_place_columns’); function add_book_place_column_content($content){ content = ‘test’; return $content; } add_filter(‘manage_book_place_custom_column’, ‘add_book_place_column_content’); Its working, but I need to access the current term id in the add_book_place_column_content function. How can I do […]

How to Remove Certain Screen Options and Meta Boxes from add/edit post type?

Now, when you add or edit a particular post within your desired post type, there are more screen options as well. Although, these Screen Options are showing/hiding meta boxes. I would like to be able to programmatically obtain a list of all of these registered Screen Options of meta boxes, so that I can again […]