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Sorting custom admin column by value

I got a custom post type and link custom posts (issues of a magazine) to the main posts (articles) with relationship ACF. I registered a custom admin column to show issues linked to articles in the articles listing. I echo values of two ACFs used in the custom (issue) post – issue number and issue […]

Add custom column at custom posts list

I want to have a column (e.g Send Email) in my custom posts (books) list. In each row there should be a button (Send) and when I click on it I want to send an email. I have seen is a hook manage_posts_custom_column to add custom column but this hook only adds post meta as […]

Add column(s) to post edit page

In the dashboard area you have the option of 1-4 columns. However when you are adding or editing a new post/page you only have the option of 1-2 columns. I would like to have be able to choose 1-3 or even 1-4 columns. I have lots of custom taxonomy that I would like to arrange […]

Manage Columns : order by post_parent's title

I have 2 custom post types : “industry” (page + hierarchical) and “product” (post + hierarchical). This allows me to use Industry for Product’s post_parent. On the Product manage screen, I have a custom column that displays the title of the product’s post_parent, an industry. I would like to make that column sortable. function column_orderby […]

Adding Page URL to the Pages Admin Table

I want to add the Page URL as a custom column to the Pages admin table. Here is where I am at with the code. Code is in the theme’s functions.php. function lrh_modify_page_table( $column ) { $column[‘lrh_url’] = ‘URL’; return $column; } add_filter( ‘manage_pages_columns’, ‘lrh_modify_page_table’ ); function lrh_modify_page_table_row( $column_name, $post_id ) { $url = get_permalink( […]

Add column to plugins table screen

I’m trying to add a column to plugin table screen using “manage_plugins_custom_column”, but without success. This extra column will show a custom value that was placed inside the plugin file. I hope someone could help! Thanks! Daniel —————- edit —————- This is the working code that creates the column “Version”: function add_plugins_column( $columns ) { […]

how to display “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View” in custom WP_List_Table column?

I have removed “Post Title” in admin column, and created a custom column. Is there any way to the display “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View” link?

How to remove Gravatar from Username column

How to remove the Gravatar image from Username column in the All User admin page?

Add column for attachment file size

EDIT. I got this working, see my own answer below: Now, if someone has any clue as to how I can get this sortable, please chime in! 🙂 —————- Original question —————- How can I add a custom column to the attachment post type? I’m finding ways to add them to posts, pages or custom […]

How to Remove Certain Screen Options and Table Columns from post type in wp_list_table?

On the page where we list all posts made: There is a Screen Options tab in the upper right corner. Upon clicking this, a menu slides down. Contained within this slide down menu, are check boxes. When checking or unchecking these check boxes, certain columns in the post table are shown/hidden, depending on whether […]