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Place page title in header?

Normally, in WordPress, the page title appears in the content area. I’d like to have the page title appear in the header area. It looks like to do that, I’d have to remove it from its current location in the content-page.php and place it in header.php. But content-page.php is called from page.php, which calls the […]

Two Blog Layouts, Same Theme

Is it possible to have two different blog layouts in the same theme? They would pull the same posts, but have a different layout structure. The only idea I’ve had is making a couple custom page templates that pull blog posts but have different structure/styles. Is there something simple I am missing? The reasoning is […]

Updating to Version 4.5 bumped my “main sidebar” widget out of place

I updated to the newest version of word press and it changed my home screen. Essentially it shifted my text to the right and as a result shifted my “main sidebar” widget downward to now begin below the body of text. The main text body also overlaps the widget cutting off the top left corner. […]

How to add a specific widget to only 1 page?

I would like to show a widget in only one page of my site, as i can see it is not possible right? Should i add that for all my site pages or not?

WordPress 3.8 – Dashboard 1 Column Screen Options

With the new WordPress 3.8 under Screen Options they seem to have misplaced the “Columns” feature where you could put your widgets into 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, or 4 Columns. My question is how to I force my Dashboard Widgets to only be 1 column, or in other words, take up the whole […]