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Adding a responsive grid onto a page (without using a Bootstrap theme)

I’d like to add tiles like this onto my page:—new-forest-2016.html I’ve searched for and tried a few plugins (WP Tiles, Content View etc) but they all require the information to be stored as pages or posts which will break other sections. Should I hard code it in as HTML? Thanks

Migrating to WordPress – but how will it do “structured” data?

Over the years we’ve looked after a few WordPress sites but never anything more than a bit of maintenance. We’ve never started from scratch in WordPress or converted an existing site over to WordPress. But our occasional brush with WordPress has always been positive. So now we are thinking of converting an existing site to […]

Wp admin – Set default value to 999 in comments

When you are at the comments menu in wp-admin you only see 20 comments at the time, so if you want to delete alla comments you can ONLY mark the 20 comments you see on current page. It dosent mark comments that are on the next page. Found a solution but dont know where to […]

How to enable table overflow scroll? (especially order list table)

Above in image the order list table not able to scroll horizontally and also breaking the words . I want to make scroll . Help me how to do this ?

Twenty Seventeen custom section – one column layout

I have a child theme for twenty-seventeen and am trying to get the possibility to set sections to a one-column layout while the other ones still have their two-columns layout. There seems to be an idea for a solution where a page template is created and a function is inserted into functions.php: add_filter( ‘body_class’, ‘one_column_page_body_classes’, […]

Customize position of social icons in upme plugin

I want to change the position of Social Icons so that they appear in the bottom of profile image. I don’t know how to change the position of div in the UPME plugin to make this change. I can do it in the inspect element but I can’t find the code in plugin.

Why is my menu not ordered properly?

I am using the Avant theme, but I don’t know if this is a fault of the theme or of WP. My main menu looks like below in the WP designer, with Home the first menu item. Yet when I visit the blog, the menu appears as below: Is this something I can fix? If […]

Place page title in header?

Normally, in WordPress, the page title appears in the content area. I’d like to have the page title appear in the header area. It looks like to do that, I’d have to remove it from its current location in the content-page.php and place it in header.php. But content-page.php is called from page.php, which calls the […]

Two Blog Layouts, Same Theme

Is it possible to have two different blog layouts in the same theme? They would pull the same posts, but have a different layout structure. The only idea I’ve had is making a couple custom page templates that pull blog posts but have different structure/styles. Is there something simple I am missing? The reasoning is […]

Updating to Version 4.5 bumped my “main sidebar” widget out of place

I updated to the newest version of word press and it changed my home screen. Essentially it shifted my text to the right and as a result shifted my “main sidebar” widget downward to now begin below the body of text. The main text body also overlaps the widget cutting off the top left corner. […]