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Showing user ID on user main page from screen options

On the user main page in the screen options, you have some choices for displaying user information e.g.. e-mail, role, posts etc.. Is there a way to be able to display the user’s unique ID?

Disabling 'posts' in Appearance > Menus

I need to ‘soft’ disable posts in a WordPress site. By that I mean I am hiding the ‘Posts’ menu item from admin… and not much else. I would also like to disable ‘posts’ from appearing in the Menu admin. This can already be turned off by deselecting it from ‘Screen Options’, but is there […]

Change default screen option value for posts per page

I want to change the default screen option value for posts per page in the wp-admin area when listing posts in pending mode. The default value is set to 20. Changing the value directly in the Screen Options tab will only affect the user, not all users like this answer suggests. Any workable solution?

Screen options on a different computer

Is it possible to keep dashboard screen options (for instance, not showing custom fields) across computers?

Hiding Metabox from Screen Options Pull Down

I’ve created a Custom Post Type (CPT) which has 2 metaboxes. On the Edit Page for the CPT, the screen options pull down (at top) displays the metaboxes and gives the user the option to “Show on screen” … or not “Show on screen”. As these fields are mandatory for the CPT, I would like […]

set role specific screen options in post summary page

I need to set different screen options(title,author,categories…) in post summary page for non admin users(editor,author..) which can not be altered by user him/her self. Example : This is the administrator view and I need to hide View Count & SEO columns for non admin users. Does anybody have an idea, how to achieve this ?

Make item checked by default for all users in “Screen Options” pane

When you are in the dashboard, the options checked and unchecked in the “Screen Options” pane seem to me to be completely random and arbitrary and cause lots of confusion when something doesn’t show up that you need that “should” be there but isn’t. Is there some way to influence which of these options are […]

How to activate “custom fields” section in WP3

This is probably a stupid question, but I am setting up a finnish WordPress installation. The “custom fields” section in the “write post” section is gone; I gather it is hidden by default. That is a great step, but my finnish is a bit rusty, it’s my first WP install, and I can’t for the […]

How to Remove Certain Screen Options and Table Columns from post type in wp_list_table?

On the page where we list all posts made: There is a Screen Options tab in the upper right corner. Upon clicking this, a menu slides down. Contained within this slide down menu, are check boxes. When checking or unchecking these check boxes, certain columns in the post table are shown/hidden, depending on whether […]

Add a custom tab alongside Screen Options and Help

Using the WP_Screen object, is it possible to add additional tabs to a custom admin settings page? I already have Screen Options and Help, but I also wish to add a Import/Export tab. I’ve looked in to extending the WP_Screen object, but it’s declared as final in the core (/wp-admin/includes/screen.php, line 194 {ver 4.2.1}). I’d […]