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How can I create a Bible search engine via WordPress?

I have some translations of Bible in Turkish language. But, they are as of books. (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John… ) I uploaded them into a website which is being managed by a wordpress software. I want to make a Bible search engine. But, these are very long texts. How can I create a […]

Custom Search Result Page displaying only 1 result.

I’m trying to build a custom search results page. The problem I’m running into is that when I enter a search term ; say ‘gaming’, it will only return one result, being the latest result. I have my blog setup to display only one article at a time. However, I found a way to circumvent […]

Customize Search to only search current custom post type

I have 3 custom post types and want the search widget to only search the custom post type it’s currently on. ie. If viewing cpt_1 (single or archive) and someone uses the search widget in the sidebar it should only return results of cpt_1. Similarly viewing cpt_2 and searching should only return cpt_2 results. I […]

filter search result with custom post type meta key

The default search returns all post types, which is what I want. But for one specific custom post type I want to limit the result to a specific meta key value (a custom date that must be greater than today). Using the pre_get_posts hook and setting the meta_query does get me the correct result for […]

Display number of posts via adress bar?

when i call this link ; ?s=key&order=ASC wp display my search query order by ASC. ?s=key&order=ASC&number=10 how can we display whatever i want to display postnumber like 10 or more ? is that possible ?

How to apply filter at search of woocommerce products?

I want to change woocommerce search. And want to limit the search to Product title and Category and Tag only excluding description and short description. Search Form is in plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php file, Named get_product_search_form(). but how to apply filter at search of this form.

Force is_search to always TRUE

I’m extending the search functionality by adding custom query vars to the search query object via pre_get_posts so that it’ll be able to include tax_query and meta_query as search conditions. Everything works except when the query var s is empty, WordPress redirects to the archive page which is not ideal because I’d still want it […]

Plugin: Events Manager – Search by start date only

EDITED MY QUESTION TO MAKE IT WAY MORE CONCISE Using WordPress plugin Events Manager, my goal is to alter the search form so it searches for events on single dates. I don’t want a date range search which is built in. Most of my events are nightclub events, which carry on to the next day. […]

What is the best way to mimic a search query within a plugin

I’m in the process of building a WordPress plugin. I wish to mimic WP’s default search functionality but in the form of a ‘live search’. I have my JS setup to grab the query string (i.e what would be /?s=search-term) & am passing it via AJAX to my function. But now I have to process […]

Extending the site search to include a single custom field

I have the followign code in my functions.php file function __adapted_search_function($search, $query) { if(is_admin() || !$query->is_main_query() || !$query->is_search) return; //determine if we are modifying the right query global $wpdb; $search_term = $query->get(‘s’); $search = ‘ AND (‘; //point 1 $search .= “($wpdb->posts.post_title LIKE ‘%$search_term%’)”; //need to add an OR between search conditions $search .= ” […]