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Group search results by category

For a client I need to group results on the search results page by category. In this case it would not be posts, but pages that have inherited categories form posts with the Add Tags And Category To Page And Post Types plugin. This is the non-edited search results page template: <div id=”content”> <div id=”inner-content” […]

Permalinks set to /%postname%/ but still have links being indexed in the form ?p=x

I have a site that has pages being indexed in Google in the form… And since the permalinks of the site have been set to postname since the site was created, I’m trying to determine how these links are being created and where I might be able to find the source […]

What makes WP so SEO friendly?

I keep hearing that WordPress is the best SEO solution, better than most static websites because of multiple reasons. I then go on to hear contradicting information elsewhere. So: Is WordPress generally more SEO friendly/ready then most static html websites? What makes it more SEO friendly? Can I take any SEO tips from a WordPress […]

Redirecting to new URL structure and 301

I had links like on my site. These were indexed by Google. Due to obvious SEO reasons, I had to change the URL structure to The old URLs are there on Google results and redirect correctly to new URL. What I want to know is: while doing the redirect, is WordPress also doing […]

Filter post_type thumbnail in Search result

it’s my first question on Stack network so let me know if something wrong in the use of this. I have a theme with these pieces of code: /** * Get the Featured image URL of a post * @global object $post * @param int $post_id * @return string */ function kleo_get_post_thumbnail_url( $post_id = null […]

Yoast SEO creates sitemaps with a dash '-' but I can't get Bing to accept them

I’ve submitted my sitemaps to Google, Ask, and yahoo with no problems but when I try to submit to Bing on 3 different computers PC and Macs Bing rejects without any warning all sitemaps with a dash. post-sitemap.xml for example won’t be added. If I remove the dash it allows me to add it. (but […]

How do I change the web site summary in search results?

I have a web site that I am working on, When I use Google to search for the site using ‘hendersonville camera club’ as the search terms my site is the 6th result. Below the page title, it gives a snippet of the most recent post on the site. My question is, how do […]

Are private posts visible to search engines?

I want to display a list of posts (deals) on homepage (and having a link to original deal on deal provider’s site) but I don’t want individual posts to be accessible by anyone even search engines. Is this possible? Can making such posts private work?

Unexpanded shortcodes in search engine results

I have some shortcodes on pages e.g. [fb_like] [twg_gpo_button] [ratings]. If I visit page they expand correctly but on search engine results page, they do not expand on some pages. I have installed W3 Total Cache plugin. Is this due to it? What should I do to prevent this in future? I want to remove […]

WordPress Markup. What value does it add?

I’ve been adding all the “recommended” markup to my sites for awhile now. Most of the schema markup adds value to google searches. There’s other markup though that I’ve been using and I’m not really sure who actually uses it (search engines, other sites, etc). Specifically, for this question, I’m wondering about the wordpress […]