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Preventing Search Engines Indexing Pages 2, 3 and More?

Do you know how to prevent indexing of pages past the home page in WP? I mean I don’t want, to be indexed. This is because I use home.php for my theme, so that page/2, page/3 are all the same. Please give me a hint or a code snippet please, I don’t want […]

Hiding Custom Post Type from Google?

I have a plugin that uses custom post type for holding content that I pull via a shortcode elsewhere. However on a new site I noticed one of the posts in the CPT started showing up in the google search results. The post isn’t linked anywhere directly. How would that show up there? How can […]

Does is_user_logged_in() block search bots?

I want to use is_user_logged_in() in my home page so users that are not logged in see a sign up page. I want to know if this function blocks search engine bots from crawling the content inside is_user_logged_in(). If it is blocked; then, how can I allow search engines to crawl the content inside it? […]

Edit search results in order to advertise

I want to add a banner for some specific keywords that is searched. For example: . If someone searched for gold, on side of “Search Results for: gold” I want to add an advertise for one of my products. But if someone is looking for oil, I want to add another advertise. Does anyone […]

Make one page inaccessible to search engine spiders

To prevent spiders from accessing a page one can just add within tags. Is there a way in WordPress to achieve this, for one page in particular, through some plugin or even from the native dashboard?

Display title for search engine visitors

I read somewhere*) that there’s some q part inside the wp_query object, that identifies search engine visitors and shows the keywords they searched for. I’m currently developing local, so i can’t access/see $GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]->q;. Could someone varify if this exists and/or has some alternate solution for retrieving: the search engine name the search string searched inside […]

Noindex, nofollow stuck on homepage

Recently my hosting automatically upgraded our WordPress version. Due to custom plugin conflicts, we requested them to restore it to the previous version. Our homepage now contains the code “meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex,nofollow’ /” (< removed). From Googling, it appears that this code should be added when I visit the Privacy section of WordPress and select […]

How to publish page that can't be detected by search engines?

I like to publish drafts in my ‘Uncategorized’ category. This category is not linked anywhere on my site. It’s great for allowing contributors to an article to read the draft before it is made public. The problem is that after just 2 or 3 days, search engines begin picking up the draft and people start […]

How to make ajax content indexable by search engines?

What’s the best practice for exposing ajax delivered content within WordPress to ensure that it’s indexable by Google, etc.? I’ve got a site where I am using the jQuery tabs control to display content of child pages dynamically on the parent page via ajax. Changing tabs switches between child pages and the url in the […]

How to improve WordPress search

I heard many times, that WordpPess’s search doesn’t work good. Are there any other search engines available for wordpress? I know about sphynx, seems its a good one, but available plugins are out of date. Thanks.