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Exclude the word comment from being referenced

Lately i m trying improve my SEO, and i found in Google Webmaster Tools that the mains keywords are ‘Comment’ & ‘Read more’ it s a bit frustrating. How can I say to the search egine dont reference that words! Website Thanks for help!

Genesis / custom template page / setting the page title and meta desc

My WP site is running Genesis. I’ve just implemented my first custom page template in a child theme. The template runs some PHP and makes some data available to any page based on the template using shortcodes. All is working well, except… For SEO, I’d like to set several items in the head section – […]

SEO Title Tag and Meta Description for custom taxonomy

I have hierarchical taxonomy called “Location” e.g. I want and to have different title tag I want them to be … = Welcome to “state” location = Welcome to “state”, “city” location Same thing for meta descriptions. I tried configuring header.php but no luck.

What happens to the permalink that use %postname% if I change the post name

In my permalink i use only postname What will happen to the links if the post name changes? Will it still work ? Otherwise what is the best practice? With love

Which Multi-language option for WordPress is best from an SEO and Woocommerce perspective?

I am wanting to set up an English and German version of a site for selling products and using content marketing. So I will be doing key word research in both languages. There will be a lot of overlap in keyword translation, but not always. Meaning there will be more content in one of the […]

Homepage meta title and description not showing in search engines?

I have just launched a new website and have been having trouble locating it anywhere on search engines, so I decided to do a google search for “” to show all of the results from my website. The homepage is the first page to be displayed, however, it is saying the meta title is a […]

How to remove Date from Meta Description on SERP?

I noticed on a few recent projects the Date is displaying in the Meta Description for all Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress. I was always under the impression the Date would usually show for ‘Posts’, which has always made sense. Then for Pages and Taxonomies – which would normally be evergreen content in […]

How to add post meta fields to an article's <head> as meta elements

I need to add the following type of meta information in the article <meta name=”citation_publication_date” content=”1996/05/17″> <meta name=”citation_journal_title” content=”Journal of Biological Chemistry”> <meta name=”citation_volume” content=”271″> <meta name=”citation_issue” content=”20″> <meta name=”citation_firstpage” content=”11761″> <meta name=”citation_lastpage” content=”11766″> <meta name=”citation_pdf_url”content=””>

SEO is not working on pages

I downloaded Yoast SEO plugin and also followed the rules to show page on google. But my pages are been not shown on google rather content are visible like uploaded pdf n images. The only thing is not showing is pages. Please help me to resolve it.

Generate <meta name=“description” Using the page title + first sentence of body text

So what I’d like to do is generate a meta description like this one <meta name=”description” content=”[post_title]Craftsman 3 in 1 tool set. [post_content]This is a sentence or a few words from the main content body text which was entered in the post or page description of item…”/> The meta description would take the page title […]