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add_filter the_content in functions.php not working

I want to add_filter for the_content in functions.php of my theme. I have added code which just display echo but it seams that my filter is not applied. function add_mod_hatom_data($content) { // $t = get_the_modified_time(‘F jS, Y’); //$author = get_the_author(); // $title = get_the_title(); //if(is_single()) { echo ‘perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’; // $content .= ‘<div class=”hatom-extra”><span class=”entry-title”>’.$title.'</span> was […]

Relative links for performance?

I have a blog out there, for the sake of this answer you may take a look at it: I’m currently working my way through some performance optimizations. As you may see, the main HTML is currently at 8.5 KBs. Between category, permalinks, tags, navigation and some other link out there, there is a […]

What does it mean by “Home page / Archives” in JetPack Site Stats?

In the JetPack SiteStats, on the “Top Posts & Pages” the first page or link got most views (8) is the Home page / Archives. What does it actually denote? JetPack support says: Top Posts & Pages This section of stats will list the Posts and Pages which have received the most views. A view […]

Set different Canonical url programmatically for every post

I want to set the set the cannonical url programmatically for every post. By that I mean when creating/editing an article there should be the possibility to set a custom cannonical url for it. (maybe via custom fields?). Right now I am using the WP Seo by Yoast as Seo plugin. Best regards

add the post as canonical for attachment page wordpress

the attachment page should have canonical added to the main post on attachment page (image.php) I currently have (automatically added by All in One Seo Pack): <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> And I want to change it to point to the post (where this image is attached) <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> You can ignore All in […]

Does WP always makes 301 redirection?

We rented a SEO specialist for our site, and he says that we have to do some changes in site structure before he starts his work. The first is, that now most pages have 301 redirection. For example: is redirected to some posts are redirected from to some posts have redirection […]

Change Site Title and Description html tags if not home page

For the purpose of good HTML structure, accessibility and SEO I’d like to change the site’s title and description from H1 and H2 to P when appearing on any page other than the homepage. A conditional statement logic would be something like; when not homepage change site title and description to Site Title and Description […]

add post content in meta description in yoast

How can I add post content in meta description via Title & Metas? I have seen excerpt variable %%excerpt%% but it will give only excerpt but I want whole content in meta description. Can any one help me for this because I can not found variable for content? Thankns

A plugin for having rel=“nofollow” in posts?

I’d like to make all the links in posts on one of my sites to be with rel=”nofollow” on links inside posts. I wasn’t able to find a plugin that did the job except for WP-NoExternalLinks. It also didn’t work, unless I used it’s dooms day option: “Mask ALL links in document (can slow down […]

WordPress for a business catalog site

I am completely noob with WordPress so I apologize in advance if my questions sounds completely stupid. Background I have a small business catalog site that I wrote long ago in plain HTML. Now I want to add some SEO and improve the design therefore I am looking to use a CMS for easy content […]