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Disable Garbage Collection?

I have a WP site which creates 500’s errors for about 2% of Apache requests (mostly bots and crawlers). I’m not able to stack trace most of those requests with 500’s neither to PHP or MySQL errors as well Apache error logs. Apache access log example for crawlers: – – [06/Oct/2015:11:23:49 -0400] “GET /international-chamber-of-commerce-icc-ud-754/ […]

High traffic management in WP

I have to develop a site in WordPress similar to an already existing site in JSP which handles approx.50K users a day and 200 users at a time. And in load testing i get that wordpress can handle only 40 users at a time (with Super Cache plugin ON). Also I have hosted my site […]

What is a reasonable memory limit for WordPress

Although the accounts on my server generally have a lower memory limit, I’ve configured my WordPress user accounts with a memory limit of 32Mb using the php.ini file and memory_limit = 32M Unfortunately I’ve found that I’m still getting the odd memory error, even on small tests blogs. I’ve had to increase the limit to […]

Why does my site flash white every time it changes page?

Any ideas? I’ve never had this problem before. Here is the site.

High CPU load when loading images in media library

I notice it uses high cpu when I load images from my media library. I have about over 1 million images uploaded and they are organized into folders by Post ID. Any tips to reducing CPU?

Is there a way to measure server resource (CPU) usage by WP plugins?

I have a website who is having a high CPU usage. The only way I know of it, is the information I get from the support people of the hosting company. Is there any other way for me to become informed of the resource usage done by my website? (specifically the plugins, but not only […]

How effective are cacheing plugins for dynamic pages?

The majority of pages of one of my sites can only be accessed by registered users. While these pages do share some common, static content (headers, etc) most of the information on the page is populated specifically for that user using a variety of usermeta, postmeta and custom table data. Further, a user is unlikely […]

Loading scripts on specific page

I tend to place my wp_enqueue_scripts hooks on my functions.php but this ends up piling up scripts across my site. Which makes more sense? 1: function load_slider(){ global $post; if($post->ID == 11746){ // Load slider on home page wp_register_script(‘start-slidorion’, get_bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) . ‘/js/slidorion/start.js’, array(‘slidorion’, ‘jquery’,’easing’) ); wp_enqueue_script(‘start-slidorion’ ); } } add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘load_slider’); 2: function load_slider(){ wp_register_script(‘start-slidorion’, […]

Organize WordPress site, so it can maintain with huge database

Intro: Hello, I am making coupon website and I need an advise. So, the structure at the moment is like this: Coupons ( posts ) Categories of coupons ( categories ) Shops ( tags ) In the near future my database will consist of approximately ~5000 shops ( tags ) and ~20000 coupons ( posts […]

WordPress takes too long to show 404 error on images (on LEMP stack)

I have installed WordPress on LEMP stack on DigitalOcean and noticed that all the 404 images on the pages are taking too long to show a 404 error message. Those images are not existing so it will give 404 errors but it just takes too long (4 to 6 seconds) to show a 404 error […]