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Theme settings keep getting reset/erased

I bought a theme from Themeforest called Anan. I am currently hosting the site on Bluehost. Here’s the problem: every few days the theme settings keep getting erased (reset) so I have to re-upload logos and background images and it’s driving me crazy. 🙂 Here’s a copy of the functions.php file in a text file […]

Bulk theme settings in wordpress multisite

I have a multisite with 500+ subsites. I would like to install the same theme in all 500+ sites. Most of them requires configuration like selecting sidebar(left/right), Selecting primary menu etc. Is there any plugin available to do this job? OR Can anyone give me some idea? Thanks

Two “.htaccess” Files Located in Different Directories?

I found two “.htaccess” files, one is located in ‘/httpdocs/.htaccess’, another one is located in ‘/httpdocs/wordpress/.htaccess’, the content is different, is it normal? The WordPress was installed on ‘/wordpress/’ dir, then never changed, but when users go to my site, the URL shows “”, no ‘wordpress’ shown on the URL. Also, from Settings > General: […]

Remove Internal Style Sheet if no Value Provided?

I am using this code to add my options inside head section code works but my problem is that if no values are provided my function still echoes an empty <style type=”text/css”><style> into my head. How can I remove style tags if no values are returned? Thank You!! //Hook into WP head and add our […]

Plugin options not being saved or created

Having a lot of trouble with this config page. I have followed the documentation (which was sparse) and done a bit of searching for help. My problem is simple, my config options aren’t being created or saved. Any help would be much appreciated! Here’s the general set-up: public $view; function __construct() { $this->view = new […]

Settings API – how to update multiple options manually?

I’m storing all my options using Settings API: function registerSettings() { register_setting(‘XX_theme_settings’, ‘XX_theme_settings’, ‘setting_validate’ ); add_settings_section(‘theme_options’, ‘Theme Options’, ‘theme_options_generate’, ‘page1’ ); add_settings_field( ‘XX_Option1’, ‘Option 1’, ‘text_input’, ‘page1’, ‘theme_options’, ‘XX_Option1’ ); add_settings_field( ‘XX_Option2’, ‘Option 2’, ‘text_input’, ‘page1’, ‘theme_options’, ‘XX_Option2’ ); }; add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘registerSettings’); Let’s say I want to update all the options manually (not using forms, […]

Securing wp-config leads to sensitive information leak on wp-settings

I read the following tutorial, which mentions moving your config file out of an HTTP-accessible folder. I did this, and it works fine. And when I visit, I see a blank page, as expected. However, when I visit, I receive the following error: Warning: require(ABSPATHwp-includes/load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such […]

Can't delete unwanted favicon

I have a favicon that is a remnant of a disactivated wordpress theme. I can’t find the favicon file in the theme folder, or the wordpress or server root. I have added my own reference to a new favicon, but the old one is still displayed. <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=””> My site is here. Edit: […]

Settings API erases itself?

I have two forms created using Settings API, and when I save one of them the other one gets erased and vice versa. Here’s the whole code so you could paste it into your functions.php file and see for yourself: // Register settings function registerSettings() { register_setting(‘XX_theme_settings’, ‘XX_theme_settings’ ); add_settings_section(‘theme_options’, ‘Theme Options’, ‘theme_options_generate’, ‘page1’ ); […]

WordPress custom permalinks not working on OS X localhost

When changing premalinks, none of the pages and links are not working except home page 🙁 Result are shown below. Thanks in advance.