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My WordPress install is not loading the admin styles

I’m having this problem where my WordPress install is not loading up any sort of clients scripts or styles, here is what the login form looks like: Any ideas on what’s going on here? I’ve reinstalled WordPress manually 3 times now and still nothing and of course, I make sure every single directory and file […]

Using setup_postdata() with multi-dimensional array

I feel like this is going to be one of those slap yourself on the head questions, but here it goes anyway: I have a multi-dimensional array of data: Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1033 [zip] => 27604 [distance] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 1024 [zip] => 27615 […]

Renaming wp_content problem

I am setting wordpress in a custom way and having issues with renaming wp-content. Here are the details: I am using Amazon AWS as my environment. The default web root is /var/www/html/. Within that directory, I have multiple projects, each having its own directory. So, my WordPress project is in /var/www/html/project01. So this leads to […]

Setting up the child theme so as to enable right-to-left WordPress?

I want to make a child theme for twentyfifteen theme in WordPress to show in right-to-left direction. I read the documentation on that in Codex. But to be honest, the documentation was good for a general outline of the setup but not so clear on details and in case the theme already has an RTL […]

WordPress and Git – What folders should I track?

I am configuring Git along with my WP development environment, and I was wondering what should be tracked and what should be ignored. If it makes sense to track plugins and for WP core. Create one repo for both theme & plugins? Common sense would suggest that tracking WP as a whole, is overkill and […]

Multiple Domains and Subdomains Using Multisite Installation

I have the following domains/subdomains. They are all related to each other, yet they must be on different domains/subdomains (redirects to (redirects to I would like to have a single WordPress installation for all the above (i.e., end up with a single DB). I do […]

“WordPress installations is currently out of date” problem with difficult situation

[NOTE] I had asked this question in’s support forum one month ago. But I didn’t get any feedback there. And I am not sure whether or not this is right place to ask this question. But I hope there are developers from WordPress on StackOverflow to look at my question and give me some […]

How to set up WordPress in the intranet?

I have been looking for an answer for long time now and have tried on a few alternatives too, but still I am unable to do it. What? : I want to set up WordPress on the intranet in my workplace most likely using buddypress to set up a community. I just don’t know how. […]

source code: WP_INSTALLING vs. WP_SETUP_CONFIG in setup-config.php

I am trying to make sense of the wordpress installation process. The file setup-config.php under wp-admin has the following. I want to know what the difference is between these two variables, why both are needed, and what exactly the WP_SETUP_CONFIG boolean indicates. /** * We are installing. */ define(‘WP_INSTALLING’, true); /** * We are blissfully […]

Setup page on first login on multisite

Is it possible to create a setup page on the first login before they visit their admin page to say change the language of the administrator and change their temporary password? I don’t want users to need to go to the ‘Multisite Language Switcher’ or go to ‘Edit my Profile’ when they first login to […]