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Website URL not getting updated

I am using WordPress 4.8.2, and host is GoDaddy (shared hosting). I developed my client’s new website under a sub-directory like so: I did this so that the old website continues to function under the main URL: I now have to make my website live under this URL. To this end, I backed […]

Same database; different WordPress

I have a production site ‘’, which is a multi-site WordPress installation. I have another site ‘’. I want to have exactly the same contents and configurations of This means that when something on is updated, the change must be immediately reflected on without having to do anything else. For example, […]

Using the same database on another Subdomain

Hi i am currently replacing my blog run on wordpress with another neat theme. I tried the preview template feature and everything is fine, just that i don’t trust everything so easily when it comes to web-applications. So i want to use the same database currently used[meaning not to use same database for both sites, […]

Stepping up my game with WordPress hosting

I’m reaching a point where my clients are demanding robust hosting, but I have little experience of what to offer. I’ve always dealt with shared hosts like Hostgator, but now that I’m building more service-based sites and mission-critical sites like ecommerce sites, I’m realising that shared just doesn’t cut the mustard. Moreoever, I’m developing a […]

My blog hosted in distant server is still connecting to localhost

my website was installed and fixed on localhost, then i hosted it on a distant server, i also chaged the parameters in the wp-config.php file to meet to distant database. However, when i try to call it in the url tab, i see always the localhost call in the bottom of the browser. This is […]

Is there a real benefit in using wordpress optimized hosting?

I’m building a site for a client. This site often takes a long time to load initially, but is rather fast when loading the next page because of WP Super Cache plugin. But still, the majority of people visiting a site for the first time will navigate away if the site doesn’t load completely in […]

dirname( __FILE__) returning wrong directory inside plugin

Inside my plugin I’m adding the Advanced Custom Fields files. Part of including it in the plugin is changing the default directories using dirname(__FILE__). In step 3, include_once works fine. So, ACF works, but without stylesheets or scripts, because in steps 1 and 2, I get the following for the stylesheets and scripts that ACF […]

Multiple wordpress installations that shares WordPress & Theme but with separated database

I’m searching for a solution to a architectural problem with an WordPress application I’ve made. Each instance of the application is running on it’s own subdomain (a folder on root) and right now, each of these instances have a complete copy of WordPress, the theme and the plugins, and of cause their own database. My […]

WordPress hosting optimized servers – Is this just a sales gimmick?

I have always hosted my own websites on my own hardware, this includes WordPress. I always see on shared hosting sites “WordPress Hosting” which looks to be the exact same as their regular hosting plan. Am I missing something, or is there a difference, and how can I optimize my servers for WordPress?

how do you use Wp-cli on Shared Hosting?

I Have Godaddy Deluxe linux hosting it is shared server, so I don’t have the root password of the machine. I can create, move and delete files via SSH in my home folder but not in the root directories like /opt /etc. curl -O php wp-cli.phar –info chmod +x wp-cli.phar sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp […]