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inviting people to blog and editing roles

Is it possible to edit roles in my blog in sharing section? I want contributor role WITH uploading capability. Goal is that people I invite to write my blog can add their own images, but no publishing rights. The administer will review it before publishing.

Subscribers only receive a snippet of my post

How to set up sharing so that my email subscribers only get the first bit of a new post and must go to the site to read the entire post?

Whenever I am sharing a post wordpress phrase is automatically added, can anyone help?

As you can see the phrase is Want create site? Free wordpress themes.. I tried editing in Yoast Facebook option still the phrase shows up, any solution?

Sending post information to a coldfusion site.

I have a requirement where I need to send the post title, excerpt and permalink to an external coldfusion site. Basically, the coldfusion site would display this information as a teaser and then allow the reader to click on the permalink to go to the wordpress post page to read more. Is there a web […]

One WordPress install serving multiple virtual hosts

I have a number of WordPress-enabled sites setup as virtual hosts under XAMPP on a Windows 7 development server. An example virtual host is as follows: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName siteA.localhost DocumentRoot “C:/htdocs/siteA” </VirtualHost> My goal is to have all the sites use the same WordPress install, which is located in it’s own folder off the […]

How can I override print_embed_sharing_dialog() in WordPress 4.5

Is there a way to hook into print_embed_sharing_dialog() and modify its output without hacking the core? We -really- dislike the new HTML output and WordPress output options and want to display just one simple share link.

Is there a way to change a post's thumbnail image(s)?

I just recently finished the first version of a blog (here: ), but whenever I share a post on social media, the thumbnail image is the atrocious scaled up version of one of the social media icon’s I have on the footer. I would really like that the thumbnail image be the logo which […]

Open graph problem: Showing wrong description of homepage while sharing on Facebook

Check out this URL: Everything is fine except the last line which is Note: “Reference in Perl” is the most recent post at my site. When I share any of my post on facebook then it works fine but when I share the homepage ( then it shows most recent post’s description instead of […]

Shared Content but “Updatable” Through the Main Site

I have been doing quite a lot of research the past week, and have not been able to find a solid answer that fixes my problem. So, I decided to come here to ask to see if anyone knows of how to help with my problem. I’m going to working on a project using WordPress […]

WP Multisite: load content from site X on site Y

I’m running a WP multisite-network on my professional website ( I’d like to play around with jQuery Mobile and deliver a different website and web experience to mobile users, so I created another site in this network on On the main (desktop) WP site, I created a “project” content type to sort my professional […]