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Make custom post available under main domain directly?

i have a custom post type called project. The shortlinks are all i want to change that to someone knows what I have to change in, i reckon permalinks settings, to be able to do that?

Replacing the URL shortener with

I am setting up a big blog for a client and we’re looking to replace the shortlinks in the header and in everything with our custom domain on I have working code to build the Shortlinks, im just wondering if there is any way to replace the functions so pressing “Get Shortlink” and […]

Remove short link tag from particular page

I want to remove the short link header tag from a specific page. Please suggest me a filter guys. I want to remove the entire <link rel=’shortlink’… section from a specific page. Adding a filter to the wp_shortlink_wp_head will work fine? I am not sure whether i can add filter to the function just like […]

How to remove ?p= from wordpress short links

How to remove ?p= from WordPress short links? I removed ?p= from wp_get_shortlink and it’s get the links without ?p= successfully but the problem that this links not working until added ?p= so how can make links working without added ?p=.

Short URL in content

One of our clients is looking to use shortURL’s in their content posts. Does anyone know if it’s possible to setup shortURL’s in the content of posts? I know offers a shortURL for the post url but I don’t know if they accept it as well for the content of a post.

Using API to generate short link

I want to use a shortcode that generates a short URL from API of Premium URL Shortener script. I added code from API to my template functions: // Main Function function shorten_url($url){ $siteurl=””; // FOR Example $apikey=”8jkyA3e7xs1J”; // You can get it from the user account if($apikey && $siteurl){ $short=@file_get_contents(“$siteurl/api?api=$apikey&url=”.strip_tags(trim($url))); $short=json_decode($short,TRUE); if(!$short[“error”]){ return $short[“short”]; […]

Twitter shortlink 404 not found

When i put a url of my wordpress page on twitter show the following however if i click go to the correct page any idea?

What is the term shortlink structure?

I know I can access to posts with this url structure : where X is the post ID. It’s convenient because it will work even if the permalink for this post is modified. But you you now if there is a similar structure for terms (categories, tags…) ? I tried ?t=term_id But it doesn’t […]

Problem duplicated shortlinks bitly

I’ve this plugin to create shortlink using the bitly API, but there’s a problem! function yoast_bitly_shortlink($url, $id, $context, $allow_slugs) { if ( ( is_singular() && !is_preview() ) || $context == ‘post’ ) { $short = get_post_meta($id, ‘_yoast_bitlylink’, true); if ( !$short || $short == ” ) { if ( !defined(‘BITLY_USERNAME’) || !defined(‘BITLY_APIKEY’) ) { $short […]

How to include DW Question & Answer plugin in front page template?

I tried using a shortlink code, but only the link is displaying and it isn’t working either. <?php the_shortlink(‘’); ?> I am using DW Question & Answer plugin and want to show question answer page in my blog. How to do it?