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What is the term shortlink structure?

I know I can access to posts with this url structure : where X is the post ID. It’s convenient because it will work even if the permalink for this post is modified. But you you now if there is a similar structure for terms (categories, tags…) ? I tried ?t=term_id But it doesn’t […]

Problem duplicated shortlinks bitly

I’ve this plugin to create shortlink using the bitly API, but there’s a problem! function yoast_bitly_shortlink($url, $id, $context, $allow_slugs) { if ( ( is_singular() && !is_preview() ) || $context == ‘post’ ) { $short = get_post_meta($id, ‘_yoast_bitlylink’, true); if ( !$short || $short == ” ) { if ( !defined(‘BITLY_USERNAME’) || !defined(‘BITLY_APIKEY’) ) { $short […]

How to include DW Question & Answer plugin in front page template?

I tried using a shortlink code, but only the link is displaying and it isn’t working either. <?php the_shortlink(‘’); ?> I am using DW Question & Answer plugin and want to show question answer page in my blog. How to do it?

Social sharing post's shortlink instead of permalink

Is there a way to force a social sharing plugin to use the shortlink each of my WP posts automatically gets (YOURLS service in my case) to pass to the social service the visitor clicked, instead of permalink? If not, it has to be built with that functionality? (not that I have found any that […]

Change link to other post to shortlink in the editor

Curently if we use the insert link dialog to insert a link to another post, WordPress always use the permalink of that post. The problem is when we change permalink structure, that link will be broken. I’d like to ask if there is a way to change the link from permalink to shortlink like ?p=123 […]

Random Alphanumeric Key URLs

I need random (and unique) alphanumeric permalinks. I’ve looked at several plugins but they all seem to do some form of redirection to a longer URL. That’s not what I want, I want the permalink to be changed. Basically, I’m wanting URLs like or I’ve looked, but came up empty in my searches […]