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Display the id list of active widgets of same sidebar?

The condition is i have to check the id of active widgets of one sidebar and hide some widgets based on id of the listed widgets.Any ideas …

Display custom post data in sidebar w/ dropdown

I’m trying to set up a sidebar area that’ll do two things: Display a drop-down of posts in a given custom post types. Display post metadata (content and custom fields) if selected post The thing that’s getting me is two-fold: Having the selected post metadata display in the sidebar once selected via the dropdown Having […]

adding multiple sidebars on pages

I am using twentyten theme and I want there to be two sidebars on my page – one on the left and the second on the right. Can any one tell me how to do that?

Display a specific dynamic sidebar widgets on a specific page

I have had a wordpress site handed off to me halfway through completion. It’s been at least a year since I last used wordpress and there are a lot of things I’m finding different. The way I am used to displaying different content on different pages is to create page templates for each page that […]

Changing $before_widget for certain widgets

So I’m working on designing a WordPress theme with lots of extra widgets. The ones I have added are in separate files, and called in the functions.php I have lots of css on the widgets themselves and the div classes are in the $before_widget and $after_widget etc in functions.php. My problem is that for certain […]

Missing argument 3 for wp_register_sidebar_widget()

I installed the Deprecated Calls plugin and it’s telling me to change register_sidebar_widget() and register_widget_control(), essentially add wp_ first. I did but I’m getting Missing argument 3 for wp_register_sidebar_widget() and wp_register_widget_control() Is it ok if I put the default none for the 3rd arg?

Twenty Ten child theme has post on an inner page. Cant get that page to use my desired template

I have a child theme based on Twenty Ten. I have split out the sidebar and secondary side bar so they can be used on different pages. sidebar.php file: <div id=”primary” class=”widget-area” role=”complementary”> <ul class=”xoxo”> <?php /* When we call the dynamic_sidebar() function, it’ll spit out * the widgets for that widget area. If it […]

Change a sidebar name?

I’m using a child theme created from a twenty-twelve theme, the theme packs a number of sidebars one which is called “Main Sidebar”. Is it possible to change it’s name to something else?

WordPress widget/sidebar dividers?

I have a widget sidebar, but I’d like dividers between them. I can achieve this in CSS using boring borders, but I have a png image I’d rather use instead. Is there a way to insert a divider after each widget item? (apart from the last one of course). I can do this in jQuery […]

Disable widgets on specific posts

I run a horror related blog. Google is upset with me for displaying adsense in a sidebar widget for one specific post number (4603) that contains an article about an 18+ topic. How can I disable the widgets for a specific id?