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Display current tag archive's name and description in sidebar

building on to my previous query, I’m looking for a way to display the current tag’s name and description in the sidebar of the tag archive. I’ve tried using get_queried_object_id(), but that does not seem to work for archives. (I’m already using the Custom Sidebars plugin that allows me to display a PHP Code Widget […]

Customizer doesn't recognise sidebar

I have registered a sidebar and I use it on all of my pages. For some reason the customizer doesn’t recognise it. Have I done something wrong? Here’s my code: functions.php function registerSidebar() { register_sidebar( array( ‘name’ => ‘Main sidebar’, ‘id’ => ‘main-sidebar’, ‘description’ => ‘Main sidebar on the left.’, ‘before_widget’ => ‘<div id=”%1$s” class=”widget […]

How to create sidebar from “scratch”?

I want to create a section on my website which will contain information about different locations, this section has tabs width different information: My idea was to register a sidebar and then use a custom template and just call get_sidebar(‘location’); where necessary. register_sidebar(array( ‘name’ => ‘Ubicación’, ‘id’ => ‘location’, ‘description’ => ‘Agregar galerías de ubicaciones’, […]

why does this text overlaps in the sidebar?

I’ve been trying, without success, to remove to sliding of the text: “ggplot+background+grid+colour” From the left sidebar here Any suggestions on how to do this?

widgets in footer?

Can i use dynamic_sidebar(‘first-footer-widget-area’); directly in footer.php?Any change to made in functions.php page? I am using twenty ten theme.

Content not showing up when using custom template + sidebar

I am working on a user dashboard for my site using wp user front end and Mingle. I decided the best way to integrate this is by creating a custom sidebar and using that in a new template, which I did. However.. None of my content is showing up and it’s driving me nuts. sidebar-dashboard.php […]

is_user_logged_in function in a sidebar not working

I’m trying to get my sidebar to change when a user is logged in and i’m using the is_user_logged_in function. Here is the code – <!– BEGIN sidebar –> <?php /** * The Sidebar containing the primary and secondary widget areas. * * @package WordPress * @subpackage Twenty_Ten * @since Twenty Ten 1.0 */ ?> […]

WordPress Local to Live and The Missing Widgets!

I have just finished my local dev of a wordpress woo theme for a client which has extensive sidebar customization and widgets. Ive done a full mysql export and import via phpmyadmin. However when I go to the demo site there are no widgets assigned to the sidebars that are registered using traditional wordpress methods […]

“Folding” links in the blogroll

I’ve got a site (this one) with too many links in the blogroll. I want to keep them there, but to maybe have them “fold” in the menu (after some of them showing without the unfolding of the menu) Any solutions for that? Update: When I wrote “folding” I meant that, for (a rough) example, […]

Is there a way to display content from a post meta box in the sidebar?

I’d like to display content from a custom meta box that appears for a particular custom post type in the sidebar, when a single post of that type is being displayed. I know how to normally display that content in the post content area, but I’m assuming that using that same code in a widget […]