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Display number of sign-ups

Our website has a page where visitors can sign a charter. We’d like to display a counter for how many people have entered their details. It needs to update dynamically each time a new person signs up. What’s the best approach?

“Password Strength Unknown” Registration Issue

I encountered a strange bug when users are trying to enter a new password that states “Password Strength Unknown” regardless of the amount of characters (capitalized etc.) that are entered into the input field. Direct link to site: Screenshot: What other information can I provide to help solve this issue?

How do I add a sign up form to my blog?

This a fairly basic question, I imagine. I already have a form saying ‘sign up to join my newsletter’ linked to Mailchimp on every page of my website but I would like a different form on my blog page where readers sign up to receive blog content. Is this via the Mailchimp RSS campaign […]

Facebook Registration Tool: how to use in WordPress?

Facebook provides a Tool to let Facebook users register to third party websites: How to integrate this tool into WordPress? I would like to facilitate registration and creation of WP users with this tool.

Allowing users to Sign-up > Login > Post articles that need approval

I need your advice! I have a small hobby website, it’s a small music magazine, with all the content published by me. It’s setup with an open source WordPress Theme with my custom graphics and CSS. I want to turn it into something else now, and allow users to have the ability to be able […]

Retrieve duration since sign up

I’m setting up some transactionals emails on my site and I’d like to send one 3 days after a user signed up if he didn’t post. Here is what I have: function set_mail_html_content_type() { return ‘text/html’; } add_action( ‘user_help_signup’, 10 ,2 ); function user_help_signup( $ID, //DURATION SINCE SIGN UP ) { if ( //DURATION SINCE […]

Mailing list sign up form without plugin

Would anybody be so kind and guide me through how to create an email sign up form for WordPress which does the following: Visitors enter email address, it validates it and inserts into the database with a message either success/error An option to be able to see subscribed users on the admin site (and if […]

Need to manually regsiter user, send the password and retreive their user ID

I’m writing a custom signup script for users to register with on my MU-setup. One problem I’m having is that wpmu_signup_user() sends the password activation email but it doesn’t return the user ID which I need for the rest of the script. – It’s my understanding that this doesn’t create the user account, just an […]

What plugin(s) are best for this User registration task?

I have a site with user registration and I have a few specific qualifications that I must fulfill. The login/registration area should be on its own page within the template using a custom page template (im going to use jquery tabs for login/reg); i dont want to use the regular wordpress signup/login page. I must […]

Users are being redirected to main site when trying to register on subsite of my Multisite network

I want to allow my clients on my network to have visitors register on their site. Currently, there is no link or button to allow visitors to access the signup page. This looks like default functionality for some bizarre reason. Anyone trying to reach “” is redirected to “” Instead, visitors should be able to […]