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Function like is_registration_page to check if current page is registration page

You can use is_admin to check to see if the current web page is part of WordPress’ administrator interface. Is there a way to see if the page being processed is the registration page?

How to disable user registration for the default subscriber user role?

I’m dealing with fake user registrations on my site. Since i’m using WooCommerce, i have a custom signup page which will generate users with “customer” as the user role. However, all of the fake users are registering through wp-login.php, which will generate a user with the “subscriber” role. Is it possible to somehow disable the […]

How to make wp-signup.php a 1-step process

I’m developing a multisite for Real Estate agents. Wp-signup.php used the wrong page template from my theme (homepage instead of full width page template), so I took the meat and potatoes from wp-signup.php and created a page template out of it. Here’s the result: [][1] However now step 2 (after you hit Next) redirects away […]

How to Block Access to Standard Login Flow and Comment Flow

I’ve set up custom flows on my WordPress blog for login, signup, and commenting. I would like to password protect the standard login flow so only I can use it, and block access entirely to the standard comment flow. My instinct is to use .htaccess to pw protect access to wp-login.php and wp-signup.php. Is this […]

Custom Registration Template/Page

Is there a way to display the WordPress register form on a custom page the way one would use <?php get_search_form( $echo ); ?> for a search form? If not how would one go about creating such a template? I would like to do this without Ajax btw. Any pointers/ideas are very welcome!

Allow user to select a theme to install when they signup

Is it possible to allow a user to select which theme they would like installed from the new site signup page? And once the site is created, it obviously installs whichever theme they chose. I found wp_get_themes. Is this how you would go about pre-populating a dropdown menu with all the available themes? How do […]