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How to Update SimplePie

The installed SimplePie is outdated. I need the current version. The directory and files in WordPress are different, so I don’t know if I can just overwrite the files with the current’s version. How can I update SimplePie that WordPress installs? And, keep the updated version if WordPress updates itself?

Passing feed URLs with “&” to fetch_feed()?

How do I pass feed URLs with & in the URL to fetch_feed()? The feed is not parsed correctly if there is a & in the feed URL. Actually it works in the example I gave, but now I’m populating the feeds array dynamically with this code : $rss_subscriptions = array(); $terms = get_terms(‘news_rss’,’hide_empty=0′); $count […]

Unable to display favicon using get_favicon()?

I’m using fetch_feed (based on Simplepie) to display an array of RSS feeds (favicon & headlines only). Documentation on the simplepie website says to use get_favicon in the stylesheet. And I’m using the fetch_feed codex example. I’m getting the spacing where the favicon should be but not the favicon. The feed links appear fine. CSS: […]

WP HTTP Error: couldn't connect to host for RSS feeds on same domain

I’m having trouble reading RSS feeds created by WP3 on the same domain. When I do a print_r($rss); at the part of my plugin where it does the RSS parsing, I get the following output: WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [simplepie-error] => Array ( [0] => WP HTTP Error: couldn’t connect to host […]

How to reorder and display a feed to be chronological?

I have a feed from an events calendar that once put in the WordPress RSS widget displays the feed items in reverse chronological order. So the events that are farthest in the future display first, and the events that are coming up soon are displaying last. We are only displaying the title from the feed […]

Custom query AFTER rss fetch_feed not working

I’m trying to do a custom query after an rss fetch_feed but for some reason nothing shows up. The code I’m using to fetch the feed is: <?php // Get RSS Feed(s) include_once( ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’ ); // Get a SimplePie feed object from the specified feed source. $rss = fetch_feed( ‘’ ); […]

combine multiple feeds with fetch_feed and display blog titles for each item?

I’m trying to display multiple feeds using the fetch_feed function. Its working well thus far except I can’t figure out why the title for each individual rss feed will not show up. Here is my code: <?php // Get RSS Feed(s) include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/feed.php’); $rsslist = array( ‘’, ‘’ ); $rss = fetch_feed($rsslist); […]

Where does WordPress default SimplePie save cache data?

Where does WordPress default SimplePie save cache data? I could only find relevant info about cache durations but not the location. SimplePie has a method called set_cache_location() but I cannot find it being used in WordPress. I’m writing a plugin and if a cache folder is available already by default, I’d like to use it […]

How to set the cache for the built-in SimplePie feed parser?

I’m using the built-in SimplePie, AKA fetch_feed(), to retrieve a feed, and I want to be able to adjust the cache time from an admin menu. SimplePie itself is well documented, but not so much the WordPress implementation of it. Any thoughts on the best way to set the cache duration?

Give extra post-meta to RSS feeds

I’m trying to extend an RSS feed to output some post-meta from my website. I have an ‘event_date’ meta-key and I need to order by this as opposed to the RSS standard publish date, which I know how to do if I could get that information. I’m using the following code, which makes use of […]