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Is it possible to have a network of BuddyPress sites, a-la WordPress MU, with single-sign-on?

We’re looking to create a network of BuddyPress sites that share a common design, a common theme and some common content, but the same userbase across all network sites. Each user will ‘belong’ to a network site, so whilst people can browse the London, New York and Sydney editions, they will need to ‘belong’ to […]

How do I set up single sign on for multiple WP installs across the same domain?

I want to set up multiple WP installs in a few subdirectories. For example, one WP install would live at Another WP install might live at and another might live at I’d like to enable single sign on so that I only have to issue one username and password for a user […]

Active Directory (AD) group authentication to view wordpress posts?

I’m trying to set up a wordpress site using active directory authentication. One question that has come up is the ability to limit category/post/blog reading to specific AD groups. I’ve never seen this done and I haven’t been able to find any plugins that seem to promise this functionality. It would seem that the best […]

Friendica integration using wordpress authentication

I currently have a BuddyPress community with bbPress forums and a MediaWiki based collaborative area. I’ll soon be adding Friendica support for good integration with other friends Diaspora websites plus other social network integration that Friendica can provide. I basically want Friendica to use BuddyPress for authentication, single sign on. If the user is logged […]

Advice for implementing single sign-on?

Our organization is using Google Apps (standard edition) and we’ve just implemented a WP site. I’d love any input on anyone who’s used implemented Google Apps (in the last month or so) as the service for OpenID. I tried the Janrain plug-in but am a little lost on what needs to be done outside of […]

JWT authentication with WP – Approach

We’re using JWT (JSON Web Token) for authenticating our WordPress application with an external service. The current flow we’re thinking of is like this: The user signs in on the the parent site The parent site sends a POST request with the user information and the JWT token to the WordPress site The WP site […]

SSO / authentication integration with external 'directory service'

I’m about to start working on a prototype for a client – and one of the required features is integration with an in-house user authentication / registration system. This system will act as the authoritative user database, and provides a RESTful interface for creating new users, and authenticating valid users. I need to be able […]

Create API for single sign-on with 3rd party site

My site needs to integrate with a 3rd party software, which will live on its own sub-domain, hosted by the software company. I need to provide the 3rd party developers with an endpoint that they can use to make API calls (to my wordpress site) in order to allow my site’s users to access the […]