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Facebook Registration Tool: how to use in WordPress?

Facebook provides a Tool to let Facebook users register to third party websites: How to integrate this tool into WordPress? I would like to facilitate registration and creation of WP users with this tool.

Removing wordpress cookie from non-wordpress site

I am using wordpress for a blog on my site. So I installed wordpress in a subdirectory (eg: I handle all of the sign in/sign out through my main site. For signing in I set a cookie which is read upon entering the wordpress site. However, when it comes time to sign out, I […]

Single sign on between two wordpress website

I have two wordpress website and (both are in wordpress). i want to implement single sign on(SSO) into this two website without using multisite functionality.

How can I secure a WordPress blog using OpenID from a single provider?

We’re about to launch an internal blog for the company I work at. Much of the blog will be available to the public, but certain posts will be for employees only. Our intranet/extranet has an OpenID endpoint which we would like to use to secure the private blog posts. There are many benefits to this […]

SSO system between 2 WordPress installs on different servers

This is essentially a repeat of this question, but it has not been answered. I am trying to create an SSO system between two separate WordPress installs that are on different servers using different databases. The main site has a full database including a users table containing over 300,000 users. Because of the size of […]

How to customize wp_signon()

I am trying to get a customized sign on process. The features that are absent in WordPress by default are the following: Allow user to choose a password at the time of registration. Allow user to sign in using social networks particularly Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Verify user’s Cell Phone number using sms for […]

Frontend in WP , backend in Laravel. Some level of integration needed

I plan to use WP for my platform’s frontend and Laravel 5 for my backend work. I will not use WP functionality for my core business. But i will need to have a forum in WP and some other lightweight services, alongside the main site. 1) This means that i will need to have some […]

Single sign on for several website domains

We currently have a multisite wordpress setup and would like to separate them out and host each site in its specific country for speed increase. We also will have a domain site that will be an like an application (global). We want each user to be able to log into their country site and also […]

Completely replacing the login form

I need to completely replace WP’s login form with the login form of an external service. The actions and filters I’ve found (eg login_form, login_head) seem to rely on WP’s login process starting. I suppose I could do a redirect from here, but is there a cleaner way of sending a user to another URL […]

When to load auto-login code?

I’m using this (simplified) code to automatically login users via a plugin for a single sign-on system: $user_info = get_userdatabylogin( $username ); $user_id = $user_info->ID; wp_set_current_user( $user_id ); wp_set_auth_cookie( $user_id ); do_action( ‘wp_login’, $username ); Many code snippets that I’ve found online will bind this code to the init action. When using init, I’m having […]