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Yoast Sitemap grouping external sitemaps

I have a problem when adding external sitemaps to Yoast. I’ve managed to successfully add all my external products (which are hosted on a different project) using the wpseo_sitemap_index filter. add_filter( ‘wpseo_sitemap_index’, ‘add_sitemap_custom_items’ ); When i generate a sitemap with yoast, it groups the other posts and taxonomy together. I would like to accomplish this […]

get_permalink executes link without https

Currently I am using https version of website and everything is fine, I setupped site main url for https, when viewing editor of post there is https permalink presented..everything works fine on all category pages, homepage etc. But when I am using custom sitemap function (I created my own plugin for it) it will list […]

How to let crawlers search paginated comments?

With comment pagination, Google doesn’t index the older pages and comments become essentially lost to searches. Is there a way to let search engines crawl paginated comments, perhaps by generating a sitemap file that includes all paginated comments?

Why do I get a 404 for my sitemap index after installing Yoast?

I just installed the Yoast plugin on my WordPress blog, so that I can automatically create my sitemap xml. However when I visit the page sitemap_index.xml I get a “404 page not found” error. Why isn’t my sitemap there?

How To Get WordPress Categories Link List?

I am trying to make a custom sitemap for my WordPress blogs categories. For that I added the below code in my functions.php file and when I save it, my Blog goes white. Nothing is showing up. I removed this code by going through FTP and then all got again fine. Now I want to […]

Is it safe to use 'date_default_timezone_set' in plugin file?

I am using a sitemaps plugin which in very complex ways sets the timezone of <lastmod> (i.e. last modified time) for posts to GMT. Temporarily, until the plugin developer fixes it, I need to enforce a custom timezone on the plugin. The simple and straightforward way that I’ve found is to add something like date_default_timezone_set( […]

how can I check if I have sitemap?

maybe it’s a very stupid question but I’m just getting into wordpress and I installed a plugin Google XML Sitemaps and activated it, but I’m not quite sure that it really provides me with sitemap.xml how can I check that? when I go to I can see site map information, so I guess it […]

How to consolidate all sitemaps in a multisite network?

I have a multisite installation with quite a lot sites on subdomains. The problem is that all multisite sitemap plugins create a separate sitemap for each site. I do not want to have to add dozens of sites to Webmasters Tools. This is a lot of work, makes it all hard to manage, and forces […]