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add bootstrap post slider with tabs

I’m trying to add a carousel with my post. UNder the carousel, some tabs with the post title. On click of the post title, it should change it the slide to display the related post. In ” Static” in works perfectly, but when I put the wordpress loop, the slider stop to work :(. Any […]

Implement a slideshow-like frontpage with text overlays

I am looking for a WordPress solution – may be the appropriate theme or a combination of theme/plugin/widgets… – for the following: the front page of the site should present a series of fullscreen “slides” through which the visitor can scroll, either horizontally or vertically each slide has a separate background image overlayed over the […]

Conflict between Slick slider and WordPress admin bar

I’m using the Slick slider in my theme and Material design lite Problem I am having is that the transforms used here are conflicting with the WordPress admin bar and causing it to disappear. If I comment these out it works better, but still disappears if the slide is in transition to the […]

Slider won't work with custom query

I’m trying to set up a slider with the most recent posts from a certain category, but I can’t seem to get it to work. When I use the regular loop, the slider works just fine, but as soon as I add the new query for the specific category, the slider won’t work anymore – […]

Automatically add last post to a carousel/slider

Is there a carousel (or slider) plugin out there that allows me to add the most recent post to be an item on the carousel? The website has a custom post type of garden_update and there will be a new garden_update post created roughly every week. The site has a carousel on the homepage with […]

Custom Post type content within a slider

I’m trying to create a slider that displays slides with info from custom post type posts (Testimonials). I have a page template set up that generates divs with the post content, but what’s the best way to tackle the slider element? P.S. I’d like the slides to display in a random order too, if possible. […]

Can't add text in front of shortcode

Currently I’m using this shortcode within a post which works great, but somehow I can’t add any text in front of this shortcode, without posting it the other way around. In example some dummy text [etalage] will always be shown as [etalage] some dummy text I’ve read to gather the value into a variable […]

Is there a function to list all uploaded images? How can I add one?

Is there a PHP function that will return an array of all of my uploaded images? Or, failing that, how bout just my uploaded files? The end goal is to display a slideshow on my homepage: have it rotate through each image, one at a time. Almost like an animated gif, in an infinite loop/cycle.

Photo Gallery Plugin and Touch Devices

I am looking for a decent plugin that will display a slide show of images that are hosted on Flickr. I have tried Slickr Flickr and and Flickr+Highslide (but that one seems to be missing from the WP plugins directory right now). The issue I have with those two is they do not display the […]

Create special WordPress slideshow with “jquery.cycle.all.js”

i want to create my own slideshow without using any slider plugins hear is my code — in the footer — <script type=”text/javascript” src=”<?php bloginfo( ‘template_url’ );?>/js/jquery.cycle.all.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <script> $(‘#slideshow’).cycle({ fx: ‘scrollLeft’, timeout: 3000, pager: ‘#navSlider’, slideExpr: ‘#mySlide’ }); </script> in my front-page.php <div class=”slideContent”> <div id=”navSlider”></div> <div id=”slideshow” class=”pics” style=”position: relative; overflow: […]